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October Challenge...Let's go!


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I weighed in today at 16st 13lbs, so have succeeded with my challenge! I hope I can shift another couple of lb before the end of the month. Here goes....

Hi all. I've not been here for a couple of weeks, but have still conquered my October challenge. I weighed 16st 9lbs this morning! :D Off to find the November challenge now....
Well done to all who met their target, pat on the back for all those who tried but missed it and good luck to all for the next one! :)

Miss Tickle

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Just weighed in for the last time this month and a, 18stone 4lbs. Have missed my goalby 1lb and am upset with myself. I really need to exersize more now as my wl has slowed right down .


suzie290304 said:
Today I'm 15.13 so only a pound off my goal and I'm under the 16 I'm so happy :) well done everyone x x x

Got weighed today and I'm 15.12 so have hit my target :) I'm so happy. I will be really happy with 7 lb a month and if I manage it will be in the 14 stones for my op instead of the 19.6 I was last year. X

Miss Tickle

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Well done Suzie


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I made my Oct challenge so pleased of myself:)
Congratulations to everyone :)