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Gastric Sleeve Renewing my vows in August, so excited!


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Hi all, I'm so excited to be posting in this section of the forum - I've finally booked my renewal of vows for the 1st August 2015.

My husband and I got married on 1st August 1997 in a registry office. I've been overweight for most of my adult life and a lack of larger sizes in those days, coupled with a shortage of money, forced me to purchase a pale blue suit from Evans.

It's something I've regretted to this day but I didn't see the point in going out and buying a plus size wedding dress for a renewal as I didn't feel attractive being so overweight.

However, having lost 5.5st since last August and then discovering that the 1st August this year falls on a Saturday, I felt it was the right time and have just booked my local church for the time I wanted!

My husband and two children will walk to the church for the ceremony and then walk back with the guests for a garden party (please god, don't let it rain!)

I'm chuffed to bits to discover that Debenhams and BHS sell ankle length ivory lace dresses for around £200, I just need to decide what to wear on my barnet!

I've just finished designing my own invitations using a graphic software on my computer and will be emailing them instead of printing and posting. This will save me a lot of money but has enabled me to make them very personal to us (I've incorporated a photo of our original wedding).

I will also be carrying my original bouquet which was hand made for me by my mother using artificial flowers. She died in August 2000 so carrying that bouquet is essential to me.

As far as the cake is concerned, I'm going to buy two tiers plus dowels from Marks and Spencer and decorate the cakes myself. My mother-in-law has two cake stands that I can chose from and I'll probably use fresh rose buds and some baby's breath.

I'm really looking forward to reading about everyone else's wedding experiences :)


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Oh thats an amazing idea and how wonderful for you to be able to renew your vows...feeling more like the woman you want to be!!!! Thats lovely....


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Congratulations, I know Debenghaks have big sale sthis timeof the year you might get a bargain, my dayghter got a one for £75 down from £150 cream to the floor quality feel to it it was lovely it was the 1st one she tried on n we bought it w eonly went in on the off chance to llok for ideas for her n she bought it. With cash she didn't use on it she got a fur wrap diamante headband shoes etc was a bargain. so get searching if you haven t already am sure you will have a smashing day xx


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Ohhhhhhh how lovely can't wait to see the pics :)