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Woohoo surgery approved today

Hi all I have been on and commented on a few Things before but that's it anyway been to the Manor Hospital Walsall today to see Dr Hartland and he has said he is putting me forward for weight loss surgery at last been a long hard 6 months has anyone else had surgery at Walsall manor hospital or anywhere else the doctor did explain what's happens next but all I could do was smile and didn't really take in what he was saying what is the procedure what happens next please I know he said would probably have another appointment within a month but can't remember what for
Anyway a bit about me all up till I was around 22/23 I was a healthy size 14 and then campoo that was it I got pregnant happily and had a miscarriage at 11 weeks from which I got depressed and started eating eating and eating and sleeping I went back to work but carried on eating ignoring the weight I was putting on if Ignored it it weren't happening wrong I went on to be pregnant again and have a safe pregancy but ate enough for 10 never mind 2 lol and never lost the weight had another 2 children gained more weight and carried on been on that many diets it's unreal lose a bit put more on until now I feel like I have lost myself I used to be so confident where have I gone that girl I want her back I can see the years slipping away and want my life back I am fed up of the merry go round of diets lose weight put more on feel worse I want to be around for my kids so today is the start of my future it's the key to the freedom of being me again I so want to lose weight I want to be slim and healthy so fingers crossed any advice for what happens from here would be great thanks all for reading x


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Congrats on getting approval! I am not in your area but hopefully someone else will be able to help!