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9 Months post op, 10st8lbs (edited to include B4 & afters)


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Now also Updated with 2 and half yr pics on page 7, what a journey!

I can't believe it's 9 months to the day since I had my Gastric Bypass, here is a picture taken this morning (bad hair day hence the headband), I cannot recognise myself, I don't see myself so slim when I look in the mirror so when I uploaded the pics it was a shock-like do I really look like that?
Hope I'm not coming across as being up myself or thinking I'm great, it's not that at all, I'm just astonished, totally, in fact I'm floored.
Thanks to this site for all the info, support and advice.
It's one of the best things I have done and I'm so happy and feel awfully humble and blessed. x


I have posted more pics below for those curious of before and during my 9 months. x
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You look completely amazing!

You should be so proud of yourself for all the hard work you've put in.


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You look great Laura, enjoy the feeling you've earned it! xx


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Wow you look amazing and very happy!
You're a real inspiration xxx


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you look incredible, and like LBD I was looking for a pre op photo as you look like you have always been slim.

Well done.xx


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Thanks everyone, there are pics of me somewhere but here is one from 28th May just after my op at 17st odd and another one 1 week later.

Another one from August so 3 months post op below at 13st8

And then below was taken in November I think at 11st5lbs :confused:

Then this one taken today at 10st8


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wow you look so amazing and very beautiful, congrats on such a great weight loss you should be very proud of yourself :cupid::heartpump:


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Wow you look stunning, you should be really proud of yourself.

Lisa J

You look fandabbydozy!!! You must be very proud xxx