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hoping to be a mummy soon
i was just wondering what kinda of budget did u have for ur wedding and did u stick to it?

am watching that four weddings on living and sometime i just think thats a lot of money, me and my bf have discussed getting engaged and married :rolleyes: but i wont till i lose all my weight and i figure were i wanna get married, i thought id just wanr a register office but for some reason i think i would like to get married at anfield (liverpool footie club) my bf is a liverpool football club and i have been sent there package for the weddings they do and i have looked on line and it looks so nice but is so expensive. my bf was shocked so i sed we can get married there then off to weatherspoons for the meal (cheap enough :D:D)

im not a church wedding girl id like something simple but meaningful.

just thought id ask lol x


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mine was originally £10,000 but ended up payin £14,000! was a church wedding but a huge party and a flash car later... and were skint lol! xx


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I was orginally going for the big wedding at one venue for the whole day but this would have cost around £15,000, so in the end we opted for a registry office and had our reception in our local pub. In total my wedding cost £2000, this included my wedding dress, his suit, flowers, 2 x bridesmaids dresses, shoes for all of use, registry fees, food and first round of drinks.
I'm afraid we splurged! The main reason we got married when we did was to celebrate being together for twenty years, so as far as we were concerned it was a double celebration.

Originally we thought we spend about £15k but it ended up double that. However, we did do a lot of extras and spread it over two days - we had a blessing on Brighton Beach the day after the wedding. Loved every moment of it but that's because I was getting married to the right person.

My daughter got married on Valentine's Day last year and only decided six weeks before hand that they wanted to do it. They asked me to sort everything for them (they were both incredibly busy at work and wanted to get married before they went to the States). I managed to find the most beautiful little 700 year old chapel and then had a reception at a local restaurant. She had a borrowed dress (she used to model for a bridal wear shop - so was able to borrow from there) and I used to make tiaras, so she wore one of mine. The whole thing came to £3000 - and we didn't stint on the champagne!

You can do a wedding for pretty much whatever you want to spend. Good luck hun xx
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We spent about £27k on our wedding & honeymoon. Having read all the magazines I believed it would be possible to do it on £12K as they tell you... I'm not sure how tho!!

Good luck with the planning... its such fun. x


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We spent about £100 on ours lol ... spur of the moment after over ten years and 3 kids...still together after 21years tho so it's not too bad xx


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Im getting married in May. My budget is £3k...no more no less :p x


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Well mine cost 5k, and got a holiday to boot:) I got married in St Lucia we had a horse and carriage (paid for by parents) champaingne breakfast vidoed and photographed with wedding cake and all:) It was beautiful took all the stress out of orgainsing a big wedding, as i didnt want a church wedding either it didnt suit either one of us:) Dont regret it for a second been married 16 yrs this year in june. Can always have a blessing when you get home:) Just a thought anyway good luck with the preperations hun:)

Sharon xxx


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we went to las vegas for five days and got married cost 55 dollars, we went to the county hall and then walked across the road to a chapel but it was more like a office , we stayed in the MGM and the whole holiday cost us 1,300 pounds but you can get it cheaper, i thought id never marry like that but it was great. my friend has just got married she bought loads off ebay and saved loads. xxx
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:eek: 27k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holey moley!! well girls as much as id have loved a big ok shoot! and hundreds and thousands spent, i got married on 4k haha i just didnt want to start married life with debt thats all, if youve got the funds then you go girl!! x


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We did it with 6 weeks notice and i don't think we spent more than about £800... We went to the local register office, then over for a lovely chinese buffet lunch and then everyone back to ours... Mind we only had about 40 or so guests :)

Your wedding day is not about how much money you spend or what car takes you to your groom to be. It's about the love two people share and the commitment they are making to one another. Money really shouldn't come into it, unfortunately too many people think it's about the 'show'....

If you do what you can afford without getting into debt then you're off to a good start in married life :) xxx


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Being a debt adviser and helping people with their money problems day in day out, I would strongly agree with the "dont get into debt" advice.

However, it is one special day that you will treasure for the rest of your life so if you can afford a little splurge then go for it.

My wedding cost about £3k, 9 years ago, It was a civil service at a hotel, with the afternoon meal and the evening reception all at the same venue. We had about 40 guests for the meal and about 70 in the evening. Its the best wedding Ive ever been to!!


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we got married 21 years ago on £200 including the dress! We did all our own catering for 40 guests in our front room!
It was a church wedding, but as we were members of the church the did that bit for us for free.

It was a wonderful day and I remember it every year with great joy! even the being up at 6am making sandwiches, and forgetting to put the table cloths on the tables we'd borrowed.

What stands out most in my memory was the love, not just ours but the people who came...like my two wonderful midwife friends, who surprised us by, instead of buying a present, packing us off to a hotel for the night, (which they'd booked and paid for) and when we arrived back the following day, had done ALL the clearing up! Including washing all the crockery, silver ware and glassware we'd borrowed.

It's not what you spend, it's the spirit of the day and the people you chose to share it with. :D


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When I got married I was 16! We paid like £60 for the registrar and I got my dress on sale in new look for £5, its was blue palisey (sp) he got his suit from 2nd hand shop. Since I got divorced at 21 Im glad I didnt spend any more than that.
If I did it again with my OH, I would lovea small castle in Ireland and would hopefully keep it small, I probabily wouldnt do it if it cost over £5K tbh. I had been left with 20k of debt from my ex and had to go bankcrupt, so money is always at the front of my head now.


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My 1st wedding was all singer all dancing 21k worth of frill and only just finished paying for it.
2nd time around which was only just over a year ago we sent 5k all saved up and had a cival service at a loverly village hall which was registered for these events held our reception at the same place. Big family affair with food done by brother in law and dad as both cheffs. Dress i made myself not easy finding one for a size 28 when 6 months preg.. Stolen christmas trees and borrowed lights and a lot of hard work but it was excellent. We even booked small local hotel with 12 rooms for 2 nights out of that. Don't ever go into hock really not worth it.


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My friend's brother couldn't afford a big wedding but wanted to share it with friends and family. They hired a marquee and asked everyone to bring food and pudding for sharing plus a drink. We were asked to take camping tables, chairs or rugs. Unfortunately my husband was ill so we couldn't go. Apparently everyone had a fantastic time and said it was one of the best weddings they had ever been to. The pictures (taken by a friend), were fantastic.



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Charis - your wedding sounds like mine! I got married on the 2lst December and did my own reception. OH and I had decided we really did not want ourselves, my parents or his (who to be fair could afford more but did not offer) to get into debt over what should be a memorable day but not for the wrong reasons!

We have been married now 25 years this Xmas and used the money we did not spend on the wedding to have a fantastic Xmas honeymoon in Thailand.

He wore a suit, I wore a lovely dress (probably £100 which was quite a lot 25 yrs ago!) and I did the buffet at my inlaws house in their conservatory. We only had about 25 guests, only close family and friends. I probably spent about £500 on food and drink and the whole day was perfect!


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we spent about 5k on ours 6 years ago that was 45 guests during the day and 180 on the night time.and a fab 2 week honey money in the domincan. we had a fab day but if i could do it again i would invite more friends instead of all the family i felt like i had too. i have promised myself once i lose the weight we will have a church blessing - we were married in a registry office and i will get a dress that doesnt resemble a tent !!!!

i have very special memories of my wedding including being piped by a traditional scottish piper from the registry office to the venue - it brought durham to a standstill but the one comment that always sticks in my head is when a friend asked me what it was like to have a paupers wedding were i had to scrimp and save .
its you day and you should have it exactly as you want it


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Our wedding was very cheap and cheerfull. We only had a few weeks notice and just wanted to be married. We have been together for ages and have three kids. I think the whole thing cost us about £400 including two nights in Kettlewell for our honeymoon. We had a buffet at our local after we got wed followed by bacon butties when the late night people arrived. It was different but still our day. Just wish I had drank less so I could remember it all!