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Bypass 10 days ago in Belgium


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Hi everyone - had a bypass 10 days ago at the Sint Elisabeth Hospital in Zottegem, arranged through WLS. Surgeon was Dr Toon Sonneville aided by Dr Marc Focquet - both absolutely fantastic. Have lost about 14lbs in total including 11 day pre-op diet so not a huge amount yet, but most of all I'm not hungry! If anyone's considering surgery in Belgium, please contact me. What I find difficult now is the confusing advice one gets over what to eat so please anyone got any tips. I wanted to eat sugar free jelly but was told that was a no-no. Even told only drinking yoghurt although I was given natural yoghurt in the hospital the day after the op.


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Thinking of you, sending love and thoughts. Wishing you well with your wls... rest and relax love, you have done so well. xxx


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Hi love, well done on your wls.
Are you on the puree stage love?
Im 15 days out today and im on the puree stage for 3 weeks then onto soft and crispy stage.
Iv had sugar free jelly with yogurt and that went down well.
You can have low fat yogurts but add milk to them so they are at the right consistency.

There are lots of pureed stuff you can have. Have you been given a list of the things you can and cant have?

If you need anymore advise let me know. I blend things then sieve them too so the food has no bits in it at all.

Hope this works lovey. xxx


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Lucyh, Walsall Manor has us on fluids for 4 weeks, then 4 weeks on purees, then incorporate solids...

I think immediately post op it really should be a case of trying to get the fluids in and getting as much rest as you can....

Soup was my diet and i strained all the lumps out first....

Everywhere is different so my advice would be if you haven't received guidance from your provider to ring them and ask, especially as you've had to fund your own surgery. They have an ethical and moral obligation to you x

Big Matt

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Hi Lucy, congratulations on taking the step, its challenging enough in the uk so to go abroad you must be an extremely brave individual. Like others have said, take your time if you expect to be on fluids for 4 weeks and manage some sloppy food before then it's a bonus, I did 3-4 weeks on fluid then 4 weeks on purée, didn't feel hungry once but you must make sure you drink plenty ! Good luck and speedy recovery x


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I suppose I was quite brave but in some ways I found it easier on my own - only me to worry about. Hubby is high maintenance!

Windy Pants

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There was for me and kevinireland a lot of conflicting advice when we went to the same people coming from the hospital dietician and also SOS, just follow what WLS tell you.. its part of the agreement I believe you signed?