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Cheating on your liquid diet


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I'm on my pre op 2 week liquid diet I have tried my best to stick to it completely. I have already sabotaged my diet by eating a meal or two which I know I'm not supposed to have. I don't want to continue to feel guilty over this and plan to stick to it from this day forward. My surgery is a week away so I really need to stick to my progress. Any advice or tricks that worked ?


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Oh sorry to read your struggling on the post op diet I start mine this Sunday 04.08.13 :) my wife has had the op too, she says to try and top up between drinks with water. Another good one is oxo cube in hot water drink it like tea so she says lol we will see next week, really hope you stick to it this week and all the best in your op.


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Hiya Hun, sorry to read your struggling :( you need to kick yourself up the bum, keep your head down and just get on with it! My provider told me your liver is like a sponge, when reducing its getting smaller and smaller, then if u cheat the liver just expands back, like a sponge when you wet it! Basically all hard work is lost and your back at the beginning! What u don't want is them refusing to do your op, which will happen if your liver is not shrunk!

You can do this!!! Stop letting food control you, cos once you've had your op your going to have to put a stop to that x


Focus on the end game, it is a week, nothing in the bigger picture and you need to be hard on yourself to do it. I hated every minute of the pre op but it was worth it just to have the satisfaction of saying I done it - for once I beat food demons. Not only that but I truly think it helps prepare you for the weeks ahead by removing certain things from your diet x


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consider whether you are in the right frame of mind for surgery. Wls is not an easy answer, and takes a lot of hard work to make it work. If you can sabotage now you can do it post op too and if you're struggling during the pre-op to follow the guidelines you've a long way to go after.

We have to be in the right place in our heads for this to work. On a medical side the pre-op diet is there to shrink the liver and if it isn't prepared for surgery then it may not proceed.

You need to stick to those guidelines now because you will have to do so post op to make this work...and if you can't, maybe surgery is not the answer at this point in life.


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Preop was my hardest. It takes determination and will power to carry on without cheating. All these atributes is not only going to help u during the preop but also during your post op. I understand how you feel, because I felt like cheating many many times. But you just have to think about the reason you are taking this bold step and try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Which is a slim , new person. Best of luck for u can do it.


Happy shrinking bypasser!
You know I am just a little suspicious that over the past week or so we have had a fair few of these sort of threads, a new member who has scant details and come on asking for advice about the preop diet which they have not been able to stick to, I can think of at least a couple of others.

I am not sure that these are 'real' members, but people posting to get a reaction.

As I say is this another troll???


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Interesting Izzy. Given no-one is going to condone cheating you do have to wonder what answers they are looking for!


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I was also wondering why so many of these posts are coming up, l new l must not cheat and yes when my husband ate a pizza l stayed upstairs , but l would of never given in.
For me this is my new life, l have lived for over 40 years of hell with my weight and l now feel like a new person and l am doing everything in my power to make this work.l was given the funding on the NHS and that is a great gift to be given.
For everyone who is struggling on the pre op, l say please don,t give in. X


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I am definitely not a troll just a real person with real struggles. Maybe I have let food over power me that is why I have struggled with my weight all of my life. For those of you that cared enough to send me well wishes and great advice I thank you from the bottom of my heart I needed those kind words of encouragement. For the others smh at you all its sad when people that don't know you pass judgement on you I guess you guys forgot only God has the power to judge anyone.. From the looks of it judgement day hasn't come yet so until then keep your ridiculous comments to yourself.. No body has time for that I'm 6 days away from surgery and just want positivity in my life and a clear mind before going in to that operating room.. I'm not going to beat myself up for cheating I'll just start again and stick to it this time I know it's hard but I need to follow through with this I put it off before I can't let anything stop me this time. My health,life and body depend on it!!! Thanks again and God Bless you all..


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I don't think there is anyone doesn't struggle on the milk diet but I personally found it very therapeutic and a great introduction to live post op


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I am currently on day 5 of my 2 week milk diet. I am struggling, last night I dipped my finger in the peanut butter jar! I pulled myself up on it and had a word. I think the thing I struggle most with is the lack of savory, and the monotony of milkshakes/milky coffee. I am allowed a Bovril every day, that kind of does it... but something to savor in my mouth is what I really crave. I have also become an EVIL COW. I feel very scratchy. Any tips?

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I am currently on day 5 of my 2 week milk diet. I am struggling, last night I dipped my finger in the peanut butter jar! I pulled myself up on it and had a word.
Well done !!!!

One of the most difficult things in the world is to stop yourself doing something when you are part the way through doing it. That shows some self control!

Is there something that you are looking forward to more than anything post op? Something that you can spend sometime on line looking at to take your mind off things and keep your hands occupied? Be it clothes, shoes, holidays. Or a holiday that you can spend time looking at - knowing that you will be a skinny mini on it rather than wearing a mini-marquee (that comment incidentally is aimed at what I would have been wearing).

Good luck with it all xx


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We've all been there and done it so we know its exactly what it's like and it's on that basis we give our opinions.

I hope you get back on track and I hope you have your surgery.

To be successful in this surgery you need willpower so I hope you can find it.
I know I couldn't have done the milk diet- I'm lactose intolerant anyway- but like you I prefer savory. My provider told me to stick to 1000 cals a day high protein low carb diet. Can you get in touch with them and see if you can do the same?


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I am in my third week on the milk and yogurt, and lord knows it's not easy. I'm craving meat so badly I'm worried that I'll wake up tomorrow to find I've gnawed my hand off in my sleep.
It's only 3 weeks though. I can honestly say I've not been in any way tempted to eat - no food is worth the amount of money my op is costing me, much less my health and my safety on the operating table.


Hi drod78 , it is really hard to stick to the liquid diet! I found that drinking large cups of tea helped me when I felt hungry. I did 12 days and on day 10 ate a packet of crisps!!!! I was sooooo cross with myself and obviously didn't do it again. I'm not suggesting its ok to cheat but I reckoned that the amount of extra calories i'd eaten wouldn't make any difference. Just stick to it now for the rest of the time and i'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck xx

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I've kept my gob shut on this thread so far but this is just getting damned ridiculous now.

Do people not take any notice of what their surgeons say? Of all the information available on the internet?

It is NOT all about calories. It is to do with the rigidity of the liver.

I am absolutely flaming shocked at the amount of people who decide they know better than their consultant.

Yes it's hard. Yes we've all had eating problems to be the size we are. But they are only asking for (well, TELLING us) 2-4 weeks of following this. FOR OUR SAFETY.

People are:

a) Risking their own health, possibly even life
b) Risking having their operation cancelled once the operation has started
c) Risking their consultant cancelling other people's ops - even if they've followed it to the letter. (Mr Sufi cancelled 2 weeks of ops at the Whittington in London after having 3 people in a row with stiff livers. Those 3 utterly SELFISH individuals screwed it up for the others).

If these people 'cheating' on their pre-ops are private patients then I wish I had your sort of money to risk wasting.

If they are NHS patients then maybe they ought to be a lot more grateful for this opportunity. There are people our there desperate for surgery. None of us have a God-given right to this operation. It is a gift we have been given and we need to appreciate that. If you aren't serious about it then give up your place on the list to somebody who will make the effort !!!

And I'm sorry but 'stick to it now and you'll be fine' can only be a hope - possibly false hope. There is a reason the consultant has given those instructions - funnily enough they actually know what they are talking about.

The original poster came back on here with the hump because of people being judgmental. What exactly did you expect? Did you just want people to pat you n the head and tell you it would all be ok? Nobody can because nobody knows.

People on this forum are some of the most supportive people I have come across. Honest and to the point, but supportive. Being supportive is NOT giving somebody false hope. What happens if that hope ends up being misplaced.

I was going to say sorry if I've offended anyone. But I'm not sorry. I'm steaming mad.