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Endoscopy clear! so Whats wrong?

hi all,
since having my gastric bypass in 2013 ive lost 10 stone, been having pain when i eat but only pain above my rib cage and pain to the lower left of my tummy, its not when i eat but say 40 mins after bloating feeling stabbing pain on left side, i had the camera down my throat that came back ok, apart from guy who said that there was two holes in my tummy not one, no idea what this means, i have been refered back to see mr roger ackroyed at the sheffield hospital, its not cirtain foods its every food pain any body else having this ?
wonder if theres something wrong with my tummy i hope not.
hope some body can help me please
wondered that about the gall bladder they checked it a couple of years ago said there were no stones in there, i hear that it can fill up with sludge and it can really hurt alot, my sister in law had the same operation as me gastric bypass and they took her gall bladder out before they did her gastric bypass, hope they send me an appointment soon sick of the pain after every meal, i thought it could be ibs cramp but its not like that pain, this is a feeling of been really bloated stitch like pain just under the breast bone, and then i get like indegestion like pains in my right shoulder.
thanks for your input.
wonder what sort of tests they will do for this?
well after having my gallbladder out last April 2017 after suffering with pain in chest and back and right shoulder was ok for a 5 months now got pain in chest after every meal i have carn't work it out whats going off a waiting a dr's appointment to see what they say and might have to be reffrerd back to the consultant who did my gallbladder operation and gastric bypass, mr ackroyed.
at present im living on crackers and cheese and coffee and tea, wonder if you can have gall stones in the pipe off the gallbladder, will keep you upto date.