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Hi All and everyone

i hope your all doing ok after surgery,im doing great just hit the 12 stone mark from 29 stone
Oh my days….:woohoo:that is absolutely amazingly incredible….I’m in complete awe of you, that’s 17 stone, 17 stone !!! You’ve done amazin, which surgery did you have and when did you have it…actually I think I may have posted on a thread of yours in the past, how you feeling about the loose skin? X
Oh I’ve just looked you up..August 2018, my bypass was April 2018, I went from 16st 9lb to 8st 2lb in less than a year, I’ve put on 2 stone but only want to get 1st off because 8st 2lb was just too low, I looked skeletal although I didn’t realise until I saw photos!
I honestly can’t believe how much you’ve lost and in your pictures you don’t even look like you have too much loose skin, you just look amazing
thankyou its been a journey and half but ive got there,i still have my ups and downs but my weight now goes between 12 stone and 12 stone 6lb i have excess skin but i call them my battle scars