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Hi all

I have been going to my appointments and I'm now at the stage of going for a ecg and takin blood results to my next appointment any clues on what's happening next would be amazing x

los in it

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Hello stacey
welcome ! Once your results come back your PCT that are guiding you in this process normally have a group meeting with the team you have been linked with they discuss your case in detail and if all tests come back ok and you show them your commitment to losing weight during all of this and you meet any of their own health bench marks ie high bmi , diabetes joint pain or any other health issues you should pass ok .you should ask when this team meet up , how often .after this at least in my case I got a phone call to say my funding had been agreed , then another call a little later giving me my date for my bypass the whole process took around 18 months but each PCT is different
good luck