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Hi Everyone not been on for a while MGB/gallbladder sunderland royal 7th aug 2018


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hi everyone ive not been on since my double operation bypass/gallbladder on 7th august 2018,ive lost quite abit of weight hope everyones doing great
Hi thanks for coming back and sharing. Wow what a difference a few months can make, you look like a different person. Congratulations!


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What a fabulous transformation in such a short time x

Bling Babe

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Wowser.....you look incredible, very well done, thanks for coming back to update us xx


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Hey you fantastic mate what a difference wouldn’t of recognised you Brilliant job :)


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Can you tell me what life is like after your OAGB? I really want surgery, but eating out (and drinking wine) is such a big part of my social life that I worry my life would be miserable afterwards. My BMI is 29 / 30, so the health benefits are not as huge for me as some people. But I think the psychological benefits of not hating being overweight would be worthwhile. I'm just worried that my social life would be terrible and so I might not end up that much better off. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.