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I love my MGB


Thanks Loop :)


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You sound very happy Squirl! Whole new life starting hey? :)


I am Sundown, I can't quite believe how happy I am right now. Forget my cup being half full, it's overflowing!!! I didn't realise how much stress I was feeling before I changed job and got back to work, also trying to lose weight without the right tools in place (doomed to failure - again).

I'm not even worried that the weight is coming off so slowly, it's so great to just be losing something and never feeling hungry.

I'm sure I'll come down to earth with a bump at some stage but until then I'll keep smiling..... :D


Just want to wish everyone a happy and healthy (and slimmer) 2016. This past year has been a roller-coaster one for me, what with a shoulder op leading to a frozen shoulder, new eyes (well lenses anyway!) and my innards re-plumbed... Add to that a new (wonderful) job, my eldest announcing he's getting married :love047: and my daughter getting pregnant! :wee: I can't believe how much has happened and how much my confidence is coming back too.

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone on here who's helped me out with brilliant advice and encouragement - you really are an amazing group of people!!! :553:


Thanks Anna, I hope next year is as good for you as it promises to be for me - roll on that new job for you too :)


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Lovely to read such a positive update...Happy New Year

Lynn x


just checked in for some catch up, think we are all busy at work, I am covering for a colleague who is off for 3 months, so managing 2 hostels, which is manic. Glad you are ding well and positive. Glad also that the new job has turned out really well, so lad you made the move, very brave but paid off.
All the best for the next year and heres to skinnier times x


Haven't posted for ages so thought I'd better get my (smaller) backside into gear and let all you lovely people out there in weight loss world know how things are going.

I've now lost 5 stone 3 pounds which puts me at 10st 7lbs, still far too high as I'm only 5' 1" and I'm getting a little fed up.....

The weight has barely changed for months now, my calorie intake hasn't increased but the amount of exercise I'm doing has increased. I'm feeling dog tired all the time but can't sleep properly!

This last 18 months has been full of highs and lows, the highs including my re-plumbing and my eldest son getting married to a lovely girl. The lows have included my wonderful daughter losing her beautiful baby boy at 23 weeks and my brother in law losing his fight with cancer.

I now just want this year to end or improve significantly and am going to make an appointment with the GP to find out if I have an underactive thyroid as my mum has had this and the consultant thinks there might be a link to my daughter losing her baby. It would explain the tiredness and lack of recent weight loss, I also seem to be getting a number of the other symptoms so we'll see.....

I'm off to bed now as I'm totally knackered even though I've done pretty much nothing today...

Sleep tight peeps and I'll do my best to keep you all posted :)



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I'm sorry to hear all the very sad things you and your family are dealing with but speaking to the GP sounds like a very positive step x