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My 6mth update... lost 16st !!!


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Wow you look great


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You really do look like a different person. That's an astonishing loss, well done. Fancy coming along to a meet up soon? Trying to get one organised in this (Gatwick/Crawley area) should be a thread somewhere to put your name down if interested x


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W0W you are nearly half the man you was (in the nicest sense) very inspirational! xx

Best of luck with the rest of your journey


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Thankyou for you kind words pip its always good to hear positive things from those already on the journey. Iv started the pre op diet now and it is all starting to feel a little real aaarrrrgggghhhhh.

You look amazing in the photos, what a difference you should be so proud of yourself. Well done you x


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How are things going Pip, I work in sunny crawley everyday......must all meet up soon


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Amazing results :)