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Oh my things are moving fast


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Oh my I'm in shock.

Decided to go to Mr Ammori direct. His secretary said she would try to get all my pre-op appointments on one day to minimise travel for me. So she phoned me back just now ...

All pre-ops on 7th September. I have to start pre-op diet on 1st September because .....


I feel sick with nerves now.


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Wow Karen, that is such fantastic news, although I expect a bit scary. I am sure you are going to be absolutely wonderful at this, take care hun xxx


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Thanks everyone. John I am numb all over lol.

Just got the pre-op diet by email. I'm actually quite surprised by it. I can manage that, knowing the outcome is worth it.


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That fab news Karen and you will be soon taking your place on that losers bench!! really really pleased for you hun.
jayne x


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thats fab news karen! im so excited for you xx

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Congrats! He really is an amazing surgeon. Are you at Spire or the Alexandra for your op?


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Fabtastic news Karen! :D I'm so pleased for you. :D


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Hey there

Well done on getting your date. I got a call on the 23rd July to say cancellation on the 26th can you come in , I was like holy moly as my original date was 18th August. but it went really quick and I didnt even have to do pre op diet.LOL.... Good luck to you anyway xx

All the best - MeJulie x x


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Hi Karen, so glad you know exactly where you are and now you can plan ahead... well done xxx


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Fantastic news, there will be no looking back.:)


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Congrats! He really is an amazing surgeon. Are you at Spire or the Alexandra for your op?

I'm at the Spire for my op. On the 7th I go to the Spire at 2.30pm for the starts of my pre-ops. Then see the dietician at 3.30pm there. Then nip over to the Alexandra to see Mr Ammori there at 6.20pm. LOL

A bit of messing but still better than having to go for three seperate visits.

lisa x

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I am so pleased for you Karen..I am so glad you are making this happen..
I wish you well on your jouney hun...
i hope your holiday takes your mind of the nerves .. xxxxxxxxxx