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Really wishes they would hurry up with my b12 injection


New Member
Im so tired and achey im hoping they recieve the letter from the hosp by monday and that i can get it from then coz im im in pain in my muscles im irratable tired headachy weak fed up just want to keep crying but dont coz if i do i wont stop i hate crying:(:cry: isnt there anything i can take to help me feel any better i literally feel like im goin to collapse when i try and stand/walk my legs are just wobbling underneath me its horrible god i feel so unhealthy right now my hubby said i was healthier when i was bigger and id have to agree lol but still glad i got the op ;) just want this to get sorted out asap coz i dont think im goin to b able to carry on with collage feeling like this and i dont want to giv it up but ive already missed a week not good:sigh: lin.x