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Roll Call - post ops please post

I am deffo one of the youngest then My surgery for a bypass was only done 9th Jan 2012
Hi all, I had laparoscopic rny 26th October 2006 in belgium with Dr Bruno Dillemans . Now coming up to 7 yrs post op. lost 9 and 1/2 stone and I fluctuate up and down by 7 lbs had a little baby girl 3 yrs ago gained 11 lbs in pregnancy and lost it within 3 weeks :) xxx
i had my sleeve done on the 5th of june 2013 at salford royal under prof b ammori
Hi I was banded in 2008 had it removed in 2011 dropped from 31.5 stone to 24.8 stone conversion to bypass in 2012 oct and now down to 15.3stone so down past half way
Never regret it been a long but fantastic journey and this site has given fantastic support
Big thankyou all
I had my gastric bypass at DRI on 23/9/12. My start weight was 23st 8lb. I lost 17lb on the pre op diet. I've now lost 10st 3lb.
I had a gastric bypass at the Nuffield in Derby but as an NHS patient under the DRI team on 22 Feb 2013.

On op day I weighed 22 stone exactly. I now weigh 17 stone exactly.
Roll Call Newly Post op - POST HERE!

New thread started as the old one is in the unused section of the forum.
I'm 6 days post op sleeve!
One month out - sleeve :)