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Soft foods..2 weeks post op ideas - HELP!!!


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Hi guys, are any ov you able to give me soft food ideas?

Am I allowed tuna mayo? Egg mayo?

I dont wana live on mash for next 2 weeks so ideas would be amazinggg??



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Hi, what does your diet sheet say you can have? If what you've been advised differs to below, please ignore :D

I was advised that soft food should be the consistency of thick yogurt, so maybe not tuna or egg mayo just yet. The sort of things I had were fish pie (the ones with mash on top) blended and thinned out with parsley sauce, mash with grated cheese (again thinned out).

Think protein, vegetables and starch, blended and initially thinned out with gravy or sauce and you'll be fine x


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ready brek, tinned minced beef, baked beans, smash - all whizzed down. Mashed banana to an inch of its life. Arla cottage cheese if you can get it.

I had problems with tuna for some time but ok now, eggs got stuck and still get stuck, chicken can be indigestibe in early stages - try it whizzed, quorn mince, high protein yoghurt, rice pudding minis