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Tips for Newbies - What do you wish you'd known then, but know now?


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Is there anything you would go back and tell yourself?
What was the best bit of advice you were told?
What would you do differently?
:talk017:This forum is an amazing support and inspiration for all of us at different stages of our journeys. Thank you in advance for any posts and apologies if this is a repeat of an old thread. :talk017:

los in it

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Dont keep buying clothes so much, your shape keeps changing and its costing you a fortune
watch out for the demon called head hunger, it can be a b***h!
Thats my main too for now


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Mmmmmm that's a tough one!
I would tell myself that my stomach was going to be smaller than I ever imagined and I would be frustrated at times when I couldn't eat enough.
Best advice was the warning I would have an enema and have to wear paper pants !!


my new life!!
My best bit of advice for anyone considering a bypass...
Is to learn not eat and drink at the same time...it's hard,but after all these years my restriction is still going good!


Crazy Cat Lady ;)
Measure yourself before you start your liver diet or at the very least, before you have the op and then re-measure yourself every month or so as you lose weight.

The loss of inches is incredible and is a real joy to see.

Also, look up some face and neck exercises and start practicing these as soon as possible, that way, you can tighten your neck as you lose weight.

Don't buy clothes from retail stores, instead, hit the charity shops or online auction sites, you'll save a fortune.


Get exercising to help with muscle tone & shape as well as weight loss.
Lots of moisturiser for face & neck, makes you look less wrinkled


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Mental note - go an buy some moisturiser .... I'm really hoping that as im having a band I don't need an enima though xxxxx


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I wish i'd know how happy this operation would make me.... yes its tough, and yes its a hard path to walk but worth every inch of struggle along the way.

ohh and start saving for you new wardrobe lol


After surgery, give yourself enough time to fully recover. Take time to get used to the new eating pattern. And be prepared to be amazed with the weight loss!


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Don't compare your weight loss with anyone elses, yes she may have had the same op on the same day but you will lose at different rates remember we are in this for the long haul :)


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Excellent post melons - taking it all on board ready for my op!


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WOW, I never thought about the neck/face exercises. Learn something new every day. Thanks so much