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Very happy 6 month surgiversary to me :)


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Conguratualtion. I feel inspired. I hope I can post a happy thread like when when I get to my 6months


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You've done really well. You look lovely. Congrats

South Beach

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Well done both of you. x x

Fat sue

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Happy 6 months ..

And well done you ?
You look great and I am also 6 months and have lost 54lb am at the half way post want to shake of another 3 stone so roll on next six months xx
Once again you look great ;)

Meggie moo

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Thank you for all the lovely comments x just got back from 3 week holiday in Florida which was amazing first time in years that i wanted photos taken of me lol managed to gained 4lb but ate and drank what I wanted, got fill booked for sat and need to get focused and back on track to shift another 2 stone if possible x

Good luck on your journeys and fantastic job in the loses x

Paula x

Meggie moo

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Hurrah finally into the 11's - god feels like I've been on the brink forever, but thanks to some good advice from you guys and changing few things that I eat - massively increasing my protein the scales have finally shifted and long may it continue x happy happy happy!


Congrats ones more. It feels good to see all ur hard work come to realisation.