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What’s a nice Plaice like you doing in a boy like this?


Said the piece of cauliflower in my tummy last night.

I’m talking fish!

I’ve always liked it, just never really bought too much of it (for various reasons) until now, when I wanted to increase my protein levels, without necessarily increasing my fat content too.

Love the stuff in all its various types (can’t say I haven’t found a piece that I don’t like or doesn’t agree with me yet).

I’m loving the differing tastes and textures of them all. And it doesn’t seem as expensive as I once thought it was – maybe because the amount I can eat cuts that down.

Anyway, as well as plaice, rainbow trout is up there as one of my favourites (full of the good omega 3 oils) as well as sardines, kippers and the more expensive tuna, swordfish, salmon, cod, and monk fish. Most of these I cook very simply, under the grill, poached with a small amount semi skimmed milk or maybe marinated with olive oil, chilli & garlic before cooking in a shallow pan.

I haven’t, though, re-tried prawns or other shellfish yet – I’m not sure why I haven’t done this, maybe it’s because I found out how high in cholesterol prawns are, so have avoided them so far (as I’ve come off the statins).

Nor have I had any fish breaded or deep-fried with batter, this has been a conscious choice whilst I’m still trying to avoid too many carbs.

What’s your favourite fish dish?


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Moules marinere but not tried them post op. love fish cakes and fish fingers.


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Hi Muttley, i eat prawns, tuna, cod, haddock, crab, and i have been fine with them all. I love a bit of fish! :) I eat fish from the chip shop too, but i leave the batter;)

karen 43

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I'm ten weeks post op and I've found that I'm eating more fish than I ever ate before, in much smaller portions obviously. It wasn't even a conscious decision though I can't see it extending to shell fish as it's never appealed to me. I hope it continues as i'm surprised how much i'm enjoying the change, it's interesting to read this post as I've mentioned this to my husband but I thought it was just me. I wonder if it's a conscious thing we've done or a natural change.