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Why do I have to be a woman!


New Member
It is so depressing when you weigh yourself and can't get an accurate result before your period.

I have gained 2lbs!!!!

I better shrink next week.




Active Member
I don't envy you ladies my plumbing for that problem was removed several years ago so thankfully am saved that torment but will also have no reason for any gains.


wants to be a loser
I posted the other day about this but I am the opposite I lose weight before my monthly :rolleyes: But I think I am the odd one out :silly:

Big an Bouncy

New Member
You are a woman so be a liberated one and DITCH THE SCALES!Your new best friend is a tape measure,trust me only get weighed at hospital or gym and have a nice supprise!Maz x


New Member
I have been good and only been weighing myself once a week. I was really hoping to finally get below 120kgs.

Maybe next week.