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post op

  1. L

    Got my date - scared

    Hi all, so i finally have my date and i now need to do the LSD. i am quite nervous about the surgery, even though i am also looking forward to it. what were your biggest surprises immediately after surgery? how long before you were able to go out and about again?
  2. Viktoria-j-cook

    2 day post-op gastric band advice please :-)

    hello I had my op on Friday!! Was hoping to find out what others have had to eat/shake and how much water you manage, I feel like I am struggling to stay hydrated how many mls shall I aim for. Thanks- Vicky
  3. Barne

    How much should I be eating?

    Hey I'm almost a week post op so really new to all of this. I know roughly how many calories I should be eating in the long term but I have no idea what's considered 'normal' at this stage. I know that 'normal' is different for everyone but I'm a bit concerned that I'm not eating enough. I'm...
  4. Laaux


    Hi Guys, I've been on the quest to find something warm to drink that I actually like. I don't do coffee or tea really. I'm 3 weeks out today and I love ovaltine, I've purchased the ovaltine light and I am only going to have 2 teaspoons mixed with hot water but then it suddenly dawned on me...
  5. Barne

    Holiday 6 weeks post op?

    Hi I have a mid haul flight (to cape verde) booked for 6 weeks after my op (MGB in Belgium). My husband booked this a long time ago as a surprise for me (before I realised my op would be so soon!) and has just told me because he wanted me to be prepared. I'm desperate to go as it is...
  6. ZimBritchick

    One sentence to describe how your life has changed after WLS...

    Hi all, How would you describe the way your life has changed. No pressure even a word, sentence or if you fill like saying more I would appreciate it. It can be about anything..
  7. Carby2barbie

    My Journey to find my thinner me!

    I have gained some really helpful insights and loved reading people's personal experience on there weight loss journey, so decided to start my own. It's so important to understand that no one is the same, no ones journey is the same and nor is the experience they have. Make no comparison and...
  8. FeeBee

    Good sources of protein

    Hiya ;) I have spotted this link on Facebook and thought I'd share: http://www.bodybuilding.com/content/ultimate-list-40-high-protein-foods.html I keep notes of everything I eat and drink but also any useful info like the protein in stuff I either already eat or want to try so thought it might...
  9. LittleMissNom

    Gastric Sleeve Stage one liquids - sleeve

    In my pack I have some recipie so here they are if u fancy some ideas! Check with your own dietician as these are just one example of options Basically it goes: aim for 50mls an hour of high protein drinks/meals and 1000ml other fluids for hydration in first week. Toward end of first week- In...
  10. Samkisses

    Gastric Bypass vs Gastric Sleeve... Let's discuss

    I’m still trying to decide which would be the best option for me. At the moment I am leaning towards the Sleeve, but still a bit unsure. If you’ve had either, please let me know how you’ve got on with is post op. Pros and cons? Your feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks! Sami :D
  11. Debs!

    Debs ramblings about her NHS sleeve...

    Catchy title eh?!? I am indulging myself with a pre op diary. I suggest potential readers skip this as it's bound to be either boring or a some what depressing series of moans by me as I crawl towards my sleeve! I am person with a facade of confidence which masks low self esteem and I use...
  12. Matra

    One protein water?

    Hi Folks, just thinking about the first couple of weeks post op. I have tried a couple of protein shakes with little success, it's been a case of holding my nose and downing in one :sign0137: Has anyone tried ONE protein Water mixed berry? The stats seem quite good........ Per 500ml...