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6 months post gastric bypass surgery PAINFUL TRAPPED WIND AFTER EATING


New Member
Hi all I'm new here and this is my 1st post. I was wondering if any of you get trapped wind everytime after you eat anything which can be really painful? Drinking can also do the same but hasn't caused me pain. I have also noticed that I can hear all the trapped wind inside me making plenty of loud noise. Is this normal??

Paula Garner

Well-Known Member
You normally get wind if your eating/drinking too quickly. Or if you eat and drink at the same time. Hello and welcome :)


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Haya and welcome...
As above. However if your not eating drinking too quick try asking gp to go back on stomach liner drug lanzuprasole or whatever its called.

los in it

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Hello and a very warm welcome on this chilly day! I have to agree with both paula and beep eating too quick and swallowing air can give you discomfort and the medication that beep mentioned could help
I wish you better