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8st gone!!


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10 stone! That's incredible! I would love
to lose 5 to 6 stone but 10 would be a dream. I'm 21 and a half stone now and I'm only just considering gastric sleeve surgery so I've started actively saving. My research so far puts it at about £8000 all in.

With a lot of effort I should be able to have it done by early next year.

Your progress is so inspirational! Keep it up!! XOXOXO
Do it, you won't regret it X


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Well I had a baby 5 months ago!! I've lost 9st7lbs in 2 years with a pregnancy in between. I'm chuffed with that!!! Here's my current photos, 7lbs to go until goal xx
Wow.....well done! What a transformation. :woohoo:


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Wow, you've done amazing with a baby as well :winner:


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Thanks all xxx


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Hey everyone,

Well the time has come to put up my final before and after photos. 22st5 down to 11st13. I'm done in terms of loss, now I need to focus on becoming strong and fit. I also want my bum back (well some of it haha) as its none existent!

I found so much motivation in these threads during my journey so I hope you can find some in these photos. Love to you all xxx


los in it

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OH MY GOODNESS.... You look AMAZING! I want your shape and I want it now!!


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Your tiny waist ! Wow ! You look so awesome !well done
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You look fabulous :) a real hourglass figure. Well done!


You look great!!! Well Done!! :)


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Wow! Well done! You look amazing :winner::thankyouthankyou::winner:


Seeing your pictures is motivating. I think I am going o start reading all the posts in this section and see if I can get myself in a positive state of mind!
Well done!

This feels weird posting in this section but today I reached 8st loss. My target was for some reason 8st1lb loss but who cares about the pound. Anyway it's not where I'm stopping...I've set a new target of 12st5lbs which would be 10st loss (started at 22st5lbs). I've gone from a size 24 to a 16 and am currently at bmi 28. So thrilled with my progress, I wouldn't change a thing!!! :) xView attachment 14187

View attachment 14188