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9 months and 10 stone gone + piccys


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Wow I think you need to change your handle. You can't get away with Very Big Chris anymore :)
Amazing weight loss, even the 40kg prior to your op is astounding :) congrats

My thoughts too - need to be "Very Slim Chris" now. Well done on your weight loss. Absolutely fantastic. :D


I Love my Bypass!


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you look amazing well done you! xx


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I love seeing people's pics it makes me even more determined. Well done


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Great insperation to a pre sleever !!! hope i can do as well as you have i will be sooooooo happy :)
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well done.. not so very big Chris xx


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Wow Big Chris, you have done fantastically well.

I'm with you 200% on the walking bit. I love buying a size 16/14 and i love crossing my legs, but most of all i like the fact that when i've walked a little bit i want to walk some more, so much so that i don't want to stop walking...

Congrats to you x


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u have done so great


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You look great! Where dd you have the surgery? I live in bury st Edmunds and I'm struggling to get the funding :(

MoonCake xXx