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Banders! We need you!


WLS Moderator
Ok! I have spent most of this morning madly messaging banders from my friends list BEGGING them to come check out our new area.
So many more just went without a trace since I joined...so

In the spirit we have got together now of helping one another and being positive NO matter how hard it is....

Does anyone have people on other sites (eg facebook etc) that you can persuade to join us here?

Now we have built up a good team of us that want to be helpful and want to keep trying our best to get great results, it is the perfect time to build on that and fill this section with loads of banders with the same goal!

Help each other
Prove bands work
End the negativity around bands
Never give up
Whatever problem arises- club together and get each other through it by pooling our resources
Really enter into the spirit of taking care of each other and not struggle on alone anymore


Excellent thread Neen. I don't know any other banders - but I hope you are successful in getting more to join.


Staff member
Unfortunatly we lost alot along the way, people got a bit fed up and didnt feel the love anymore.

I will ask some of my bander friends to come back again too x


New Member
AWww i think thats a lovely idea to try and get in touch with the othe members, I think its great that banders now have their own little corner on the forums :)


Runs Srh Support Group
:wave_cry: am i still welcome in band corner ? or am i banished to the bypass section now lol x


Runs Srh Support Group
thanks ! x


Runs Srh Support Group
Liz - You were a bander 1st and formost - so you still fit into that catagory and are number 1 with us x

Love Kat x

:) thanks Kat xx x x:hug99: