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Banders! We need you!


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Bypasser sneaking in to give hugs all round and generally encourage. Hope that's ok. :)

It was Fern Britton's band op which first inspired me to have WLS.

Big love

Grace xxx


One day at a time...xx
Miss hungry said:
Today Iam no longer severely obese, just obese! And, I have dropped down into the 17's. 17stone 12.5 lbs to be presise. I'm really chuffed! Needed to share! xx

Well done miss h! That's great news. How much have you lost in total? Xx

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BlueDiamond said:
Pumpkin and red pepper, lentil and red pepper , carrot and coriander, got em from sainsburys 600 gram pots xx

Thanks will have to stock up xx