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My Post OP (Band) Journey 2014 onwards


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Happy new year to my Bander Bestie :) You are one of my most supportive friends from here, this is going to be your year! You've achieved so much already, new job, passed your driving test, well on your way to target :) And New York & Vegas to look forward to, woo hooooo x x x
Thanks hunny!!! You have done amazing this past year and I hope to continue your success into 2016!!! Xxx


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Hello Sharon - welcome back .... Happy new year darlin xxxx


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Hi Sharon, Your story is inspirational. I'm a Glasgow girl getting banded in 2 weeks, safe to say I'm terrified but excited. You've done so well, I just hope I manage to achieve similar xxx


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Hiya Sharon,

And what an inspirational journey you have been on so far- love love love reading through threads like this. Congrats girl! Keep up the good work :D

lu xx