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September 2016 Surgeries


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And to clear out all my old clothes.. a nice job.


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Hey September'ers!

I just made the Joe Wicks chicken pie, it was delicous but very, VERY filling.......I so wanted to eat the sixth of it I served for myself but my sleeve had other ideas.

Back at the gym yesterday for spinning and today for body combat. We have no heating (again) til Friday so its the only way for me to get warm lol

Hope you've all had a fantabulous Christmas and santa was good to you :hugs:


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Hi September folks. With new ears in mind, any NYR to offer up?
I've been having wine again with no ill effects so mine is to limit to two glasses a week, which is do-able.
Mine is to learn how to sew with a machine so I can alter some of my clothes which I really don't want to get rid of. I was hopeless at it at school. It took me a year to make an A-line skirt and the zip came out and went back in 8 times as my teacher was a bit of a cow. :(