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still poorly


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just wanted to update to let you know how i am feeling.

for three days now up until around 7pm ive had no energy, all i can do is lie down, and shut my eyes, im going hot and cold. the only time im moving is to make my lunch, milk etc... nothing is giving me any energy.
ive been to the docs bloods have come back ok, urine ok just ha some keytones, which should be there as we burning fat.
i really hope this blows over, been 3 days i had so much energy before.
Just rung NHS docs again, waiting for smeone to call me back as i havnt even got the energy to go upstairs to the loo. im 3 weeks post op.
sorry i just needed to tell someone how i am feeling :-(

Miss DeeDee

Post Opper

So sorry you are feeling so very bad - it could be the virus that has laid you so low did the doc say anymore about it?

is there anyone who can be with you? am worried for you sweetie

thinking of you xxx:bestwishes::heartpump:


will YOYO no more!!
you poor thing.........

you mustnt stay on your own if youre feeling that awful, what if something happened to you!

I really feel for you - sending you a big hug xx


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Rayne, sorry to hear you are still unwell.
I am just over 3 weeks and feel that I am not getting out the bit. Always cold and feel quite faint at times. Just want to have a good day without feeling awful. Feel sick quite a bit of the day. Trying hard to eat what I need but sometime still pains me.
I think I may need to go the dr to get my bloods checked out just incase.

Sending big hugs to you

Sheila x x x


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Sounds like you need a protine boost hun, holland and barrets do loads or can you get someone to go get you something from asda or tesco ???

Keza Roo

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Hope you will be alright hun sending hugs xx

Big an Bouncy

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Sounds totally normal to what I went through girls.
I slept for weeks!Just keep getting fluids in and food on a regular basis.Make sure you dont miss your supplements they are a way of life for us now so get in a good routine with them.If you are weary,sleep.Your body is healing for weeks then has to get over the shock of no proper food.
It does get back to normal but dont think that cos you are three weeks out you should be going to the shops,doing your cleaning etc.Kick back and let your body do its thing,in a few months you will have more energy than you know what to do with!Maz x


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Thankyou very much for your words of support. Ive been to the walk in Centre and seen the doc there again... he has said i could have a water infection as my urine today had a slight bit of blood in and showed a slight infection. he sent the urine to A&E so they can check it more throuroughly and i will find out on tuesday if i need some antibiotics. he also rung the hospital where i had op and they told him my body is trying to get used to the operation and my glucose is trying to get used to the new way my body is working. but they have said that if i feel the same on monday to call them and they will make an appointment for me to see consultant on tuesday. hopefully i will be better as its a long train journey.. but then again i would like peace of mind seeing the consultant.
ive been struggling with my water the last few days as been so low, but a friend suggested making tea in a flask as that may be easier to sip on than water in this weather... so ive my tea in flask at hand.
Funny thing is, it gets to this time of night and i feel fine, its been in the day ive just layed on the sofa and done nothing apart from get up to sort meals out xx


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Bless you, you wait for this op to make life better and it is so disapointing when everythings not ok, Im sure it will pass. xxx


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worried about you hope you get better soon


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worried about you hope you get better soon
Thankyou, i might have a water infection aswell so it could be my body getting used to the weightloss as the consultant has said and a mixture of the water infection... got to wait for urine results to come back xx
ps i have sent you a facebook request xx Lorraine Rainbow Andrews
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