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The Changing Faces Of Me..


Shrinking For Sophie
Eeeeee, you look tiiiiny! And fab of course :) xx
Thank you pooh :)X

Frankie, I still have WOW moments when I look at your pics and trust me, I've scrutinised them A LOT!! You're an absolute legend!! Can't believe you're still losing after such a colossal transformation. You deserve respect Mrs xxx
Awww thanks cee your doing not so bad yourself pretty lady. Well done :)

You look fab femfrankie oh to be a size 10 I can dream lol x
Thank you :) Stick with it and you will MonaL. I never dreamed of getting into a 14 but I did and more

Looking stunning in the white jumper, really shows of your figure, well done, what is your total weight loss please?
Thanks Curls :) I was a size 36 now a 10 with a 16 St loss


New Member
Looking absolutely great Frankie. As I've said before you are such an inspiration ! Im in the background trying to get my self back on track! So you are inspiring me xx


Shrinking For Sophie
Sharona!! How are you?? and thank you xx