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The little things


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Boy, this weight loss can be dangerous.
I was on the way to my dieticians this afternoon when my attention was taken away from the road by the fact that my tummy looked a lot smaller today. :8855: Good job I looked up in time to see the car in front of me slow down - try explaining that one to the insurers - Would have to claim it was my surgeon's fault for doing such a good job :D

I also spoke to my Godmother this afternoon -who loves to talk medical things, I told her all about my op and as she is very forthright. braced myself....but she was nothing but delighted for me :eek: . It's really lifted my day.

It's the little things that you experience all the way that make a difference.


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Haha I love the little things that brighten your day, pre-op I told my fella that the power steering had gone on my car as the wheel was really hard to turn, he tried it and said it was fine, it was my belly rubbing on the wheel that made it difficult to turn :( Now theres a huge gap between me and the wheel :)