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A little bit about my journey!...(Walsall Manor Hospital)


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Hi all,

I have been visiting this site since last although this is my first post.

28 June 2010 – (27st 10lbs) visit to GP to discuss another medical matter and she brought up the matter of my weight. I was unable to be weighed as GP's scales do not go beyond 24st. GP said that she has another patient who was about one year post –op and suggested surgery for me, she drafted referral to Walsall Manor Hospital for WLS during appointment.
26 July 2010 - (26st 10lbs) 1st Appointment at Walsall Manor. Reception informed me that I was given an appointment on the wrong day and no one from the bariatric team was able to see me. Luckily for me Dr Heartland was walking past and agreed to meet with me.

27 July 2010 - telephone call to WM and was informed that the bariatric team had a back log of cases and my next appointment would not be until after Christmas.

04 January 2011 - telephone call to WM, spoke with Tracey Lowe and was informed that my file had been accidently archived and my next appointment would be sent in the post. I was advised to see my GP about possible sleep apnoea

09 March 2011- (25st 2lbs) originally sent an appointment for 11/03/11 but received a phone call on 05/03/11 and was asked to attend this appointment instead. Reception advised me that my appointment should never have been changed as again there was no-one available to see me. Coincidentally Anna the nurse was walking past and weighed me and spoke with the dietician who was available for me to speak with.

11 April 2011- appointment to see Dr Bannerjee at Heartlands Hospital re. possible sleep apnoea but wasn’t aware of appointment until I received the ‘failure to attend letter’. (typical!)

06 May 2011 (24st 4) appointment with psychiatrist Dr Kendrick who agreed I was suitable for surgery and that the hospital would apply for funding.

10 May 2011- telephone call to WM. I wanted to check my file hadn’t accidentally been archived again! I spoke with Tracey Lowe who knew exactly who I was because she had my paperwork in front of her and was writing my application for funding as we spoke. She informed me that other patients with my BMI and circumstances had been granted funding so that I should be hopeful, she said that should funding be granted I would be looking at just after Christmas for my operation.

21 June 2011 – I am due to attend the rescheduled appointment with Dr Banerjee at Heartlands Hospital re. sleep apnoea

Nadine x
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Welcome to the site. If you have been reading for a while you will know how much help and support you will find here. Sorry you have had such a bumpy journey so far - let's hope it's straight forward for you from now on.


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:welcome2:Hi and welcome:welcome2:
Walsall Manor quite often lose people :mad:
Check out the Walsall Massive thread.
They have got a support group meeting on the 16th of this month I believe.


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Welcome Nadine! Lovely to have you with us and I hope you enjoy posting and sharing here x


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Thanks for the warm welcome.

I am really pleased to be this far along on my journey, having read some of the horror stories on this site I think I have been quite lucky.

I have been meaning to attend a support group meeting, it would be great to speak to others about their wls experience but I just havn't got around to it.....yet!


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Hello and welcome xx


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Hi hun welcome to the site. I'm also due my op after christmas. Might see ya there lol x


Hello and welcome :)

Please please come to the support meeting, I would not have got through all the emotions, food issues ect without them :) don't be shy