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GP agreed to refer me for WLS - So Happy :)

Im so happy, I had got myself worked up into such a state about asking my GP to refer me but I needn't have worried. He was so sympathetic and was impressed that I had done my research.

So he is going to refer me to MR Khan at Walsall Manor Hospital. He couldnt tell me how long it would take but said that he would send the letter off today.

So thats the first hurdle cleared. To those of you referred to Walsall, how long did it take between GP appointment and seeing Mr Khan?

Yahoo! Well done, Sam! :hug99:

It was around 6 weeks for me, I think... It flew by.
Hi im new to this forum and aint got my head around it yet!!
I am waiting for my op date, ive just had my pre op and have another appointment on 6th jan 2009, then it takes up to 5wks for op. From seeing my GP it took about 4wks, then you wait for funding all in all I started my journey in August, so it will be about 6mths of waiting. Good luck with yours.:)
Hi Waynetta and thanks for posting. Good Luck with your journey and for your appointment on 6th x
Thanks guys. x