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NHS 2 Billion a week and counting channel 4


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After loosing 10 stone with a self funded lap Band. I have been left with assess skin. After two attempted for Nhs funding with support from my GP I have been turned down. After watching this program i'am really upset with how many people get turned down for funding and some of them really need help.
Some of the comments people write make me so angry they wouldn't say that if they where in that situation.
I always love the comments by people who don't even pay tax!!
I must say as a high rate tax payer I have never had anything out of the NHS apart from the contraceptive pill but Im sure if I never needed it I wouldn't get a look in.

To be honest I think a move to the USA style health care would be a good answer, having spent much time in Hospitals through work I think if you had to pay for the treatment people wouldn't be sat in A and E and it would free up the services for those that do need it. I would have to be literally dying to go to an NHS hospital for anything.
That's no reflection on the staff at all, they do an amazing job.
Anyway that's my opinion.
The NHS is buckling and will crack soon. I've lost 12 stone through self funded bypass and can't get funding for skin removal either, but it's understandable. It's not life threatening. I luckily have got funding for IVF recently though, which is much more important to me
Your right the NHS is under a lot of strain and my biggest worry is that they put a stop to all bariatric treatment. I'm desperate for my op.
I would be lost without the NHS !
Sad fact is, something's got to give and some tough choices are going to have to be made about who gets what throughout the whole NHS. It's been abused for years and now it's broken.....
I had this argument with my GP when I went to him to get the prescription has was asked to supply me from my surgeon. I went private for my bypass.

The GP wanted me to buy OTC vitamins, and he mentioned this programme which I have to admit not seeing.

I had bought a pre payment prescription card and I said they were now medically necessary not a choice and that I wanted them on prescription, and that I has saved the NHS several thousand by going private.

And this may be a bit controversial,I am of the opinion that I pay my taxes at the rate the government sets then I should have the services I need from the NHS. It is not my job to balance the books of the NHS, and if more taxes are required then the government should increase them!!
Here here! I completely agree with your point of view.
Although rather than increasing them, I think the government should be making sure everyone pays their fair share!