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What's on the menu today?


Thank you x

How are you all with stir fry? I'm going to try stir fry beef for dinner tonight? If goes well then tomorrow will have again, with stir fry veg? Does Stir Fry veg go down ok?


Here is my menu for Wednesday
B - Ready Brek
L - skipped (slept - worked previous night)
D - Ready Brek
Snacks - Cheesy Wotsitsm 40 g applewood smoked cheese, Rits Dunkers (dairlea), McVitties Mini Cookies Choc Chip (i pckt - 6 tiny biscuits)
Drink - 3lts water, 3 coffee regular (vending machine), 1 decaf coffee (vending machine) - all coffees with ss milk. 1 McD Regular Latte
Protein 36 g and calories 895
Here is my menu for yesterday:
B - Ready Break
Lunch - WW Strawbery Yoghurt
Dinner - beef stir fry with stir fry veg - managed about 4 mouth fulls. Was lovely!
Snacks: 20g Applewood smoked cheese
1 pct cheesy wotsits
Drinks - 1 x McD regular Latte, 4 cups coffee with ss milk (from work vending machine), decafe coffee at home with SS milk. 3ltr water.
Protein 47g and callories 776.
Eating getting much better, had a stretch two weeks a go and now finally eating solids - however still very small amounts, if i can eat 1 full fish figer its a lot, but getting there. However some days still stick to Ready Brek (now more nerves and playing it safe than anything else). But I am getting there, trying cottage pie tonight :)


Last night I re-united with an old friend. An old friend I thought that I had lost forever after having my bypass surgery last year. That friend was chicken! Last night I ate, managed and thoroughly enjoyed a few grilled spicy chicken wings! Heaven on a bone! Welcome back my old pal! We won't have the same relationship as before, as we both know where that got me. But going forward we can still maintain our closeness, just in moderation and bypass friendly!


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So different compared to a couple of months back Ryan! I take it wotsits are now well n truly dumped?! :)


JO28172 said:
So different compared to a couple of months back Ryan! I take it wotsits are now well n truly dumped?! :)
Wot sits only an occasional treat :)


Weighed in this morning and lost another 1.2 kg, that's 58.6 total. Only 5 months post op yesterday. So very happy. Though today was a bit of naughty day. 3 cappuccinos and 1 regular latte. That's an extra 410 unnecessary calories.
Breakfast - read brek
Lunch - lobster soup (150 ml)
Dinner - 1/2 small sainsbury margarita pizza
Snack - 40 g cheese and 25g salt and vinegar mcvitties thins

To drink: 1.5ltr water, 2 tesco instant decaf coffee. 3 cappuccino and 1 latte


Calories (1300 - due to extra 410 on drinks)
Protein 76g


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4 and half weeks post opp
b-milky coffee
l-1 egg and 1 tom
d-5 tbsp of home made shephards pie which gave me really bad belly pains low down not in the pouch area
3 slices of thin ham 1 babybell llight which got stuck and i was stick so wont be having that again just yet
3 glasses water and 3 coffees
does this sound like im eatting alot