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What's on the menu today?


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5 Days post op (bypass)
B= 1 x weetabix with skimmed milk
L= Puree - mash with skimmed milk, beans, m&s lean ham, cathedral city light (approx 3 tablespoons)
D= same as lunch (rest of the puree!)
Snack = Cadbury's highlights made with 1/2 skimmed milk, 1/2 water


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10 days post op sleeve

1 ladle spoon of home made chicken stew
2 heap tblspn of mash with 2 heap teaspn Philli light
Low fat Choc mousse
1 glass mango smoothie
2 milky coffee
1 litre water

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Mrs Quiggle

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9 days out.

B. 1 tablespoon of ready brek
Cup of tea.

L. 3 tablespoons chicken leek and potato soup.

Afternoon. Half a 125g yogurt.

Dinner. About 3 tablespoons of tomato and fennel soup.
1/2 teaspoon of icecream (was very sweet)
Glass of orange juice diluted half and half with water.
Half a cup of tea.

Feel really full after dinner, bit stitchy around drain site area. Could be a sign I'm full. Really enjoyed going out for dinner with friends tonight.

Kate x


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B: 1 weetabix and ss milk

L: half tin WW Tom soup

Mid afternoon: Milky coffee

T: tbls mash, tblsp carrots & swede and half a sausage all puréed separately. (sausage felt heavy so didn't finish that)

Cad highlight


X Emma X
almost 2 Weeks post op

B - cadburys light moouse
L - 1/4 Tin Heinz tomato soup
T - 1/4 tin heinz tomato soup

Can't really manage much more, and a sip too much and im in crippleing pain!


Come on lbs!!!
2 small bowls of cherrios with ss milk
3 guilian sea shell chocs
Small bowl of curry and 7-8 oven chips
Half a low fat ready meal


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Breakfast - 1 slice weight watchers toast - never ate all
Mid morn - low fat fromage fais
Lunch - Prawns in low fat sea food sauce
Tea - home made beef stew, (4 table spoons) half tiny new pot, 3 carrot
and will prob have low fat custard in half hour x


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Almost 3 weeks post op:

B: 2 tsp of one weetabix in ss milk

Snack mid morning: 3 Melts crackers with pate

L: 2 Tablespoons of mash potato made sloppy with milk and with a spoonful of cheese all melted into a puree (found this very tasty)

Mid afternoon: Milky coffee with extra milk powder

Tea: Half a tin pea and ham soup blitzed up in blender

Snack: 3 melts crackers with pate

Supper: Cadbury highlight

I'm struggling to get fluids today for some reason, my tummy seems a bit out of sorts today. Only had about a pint of water.

Mrs Quiggle

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B. 2 Cracker breads thinly spread with peanut butter and half a banana.

L. Pureed roast chicken dinner app. 100ml Less than a small yogurt pot size.

Snack. 3 seafood sticks, 1 laughing cow light cheese triangle.

Dinner. Wetherspoons jacket potato with 5 bean chilli. (bit dry)

Supper. 2 tablespoons fat free Greek yogurt, half a pureed mango.

Orange and Passion fruit juice made up to a pint with water and ice. 2 cups of tea. Have been very bad with fluids today.


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on monday i started on pureed food... but i will let you know what i had yesterday x if anybody thinks i have done something wrong please let me know thankyou xx

Breakfast: 1 munch bunch fromais frais

mid-day: 200ml skimmed milk with 1 heaped tbsp of marvel, and 15ml of nas crusha milkshake mix.

Lunch: shepherds pie (home made): beef mince, onion, mash potato and peas and carrots and low fat gravy.

mid-afternoon: irish yogurt: pear and mango flavour

dinner: 1/2 frozen frozen fish, peas, carrots and mash, pureed with 1/2 a fish stock cube.

evening: 200ml skimmed milk with 1 heaped tbsp marvel and a highlights hot chocolate sachet.

sorry to lower the tone now, but after my dinner i had some diarreah which lasted a couple of times over the evening, im not sure if it was due to eating a bit too much of the dinner or my IBS, but i had no stomach cramps or sweats or anything.. so i will try the fish pie again tonight and see how i am.... sorry if too much info lol xx


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Busy day today so been awful

Lunch - 2 cheese crackers
Tea - slice beef, swede carrot mash 2 spoons
Pot low fat custard

Will try harder


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Today I've had:

B: Half a weetabix with ss milk

Mid morning: Milky coffee

Lunch: 1/3 tin of ww tom soup

Went to the pics this afternoon and while everyone else stuffed their faces on sweets and popcorn I had a blackcurrant flavoured water sigh! It was amazing the smells of the choc coated peanuts my hubby was guzzling!!

Tea: Home made shepherds pie, carrots and broccoli and gravy.. tasty nom nom. I had about 3 tablespoons in total which is much more than I've managed previously.

Mid evening: Half a muller light

Supper: 3 melts crackers with pate

I've drunk about 2 pints today if I include my milky coffee and my cad highlight drink I've just had.


Loves this site x
Your doing well Jen, some days struggle to eat alot xxx


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Hi just thought i would share yesterdays day with you.

Breakfast: 1 munch bunch fromais frais
Mid day: 200ml ss milk with marvel and nas crusha mix
Lunch: mash and mixed veg and tinned tesco low fat chicken in white sauce.
Mid afternoon: fruit yogurt
dinner: white fish, mash, veg and fish stock cube
Evening: 200ml ss milk with marvel and options hot choc


No regrets!!
Breakfast: One-egg omelette with a bit of cheese in it
Mid morning: yoghurt
Lunch: small jacket potato with a mini tin of tuna, teaspoon of mayo
Mid afternoon: mug of tea and mini mince pie (ho ho ho!)
Dinner: will have home made chilli with rice.

Also 1.5l of fluid throughout the day, in addition to any tea and coffee I may have.

The main meal portion size I am on is about a bowlful slightly bigger than a Muller Lite pot.




My food intake is still poor as cant manage much else than slider foods, however it has improved. I am saying goodbye to the cheesy wotsits, as they have no nutritional value. Initially I took them to up my calories, but now with the cheese and stuff, my calories have upped, so no more need.
After exercise today I finished on 727 calories for the day.
I have my endoscopy booked on 1 Feb, so hopefully my tummy issues will soon be sorted and eating will be better.


B - 40g ready brek
L - tomato soup, 1/2 slice white bread
d - 40g ready brek

snacks - 20g applewood cheese, boots shapers s&v crisps x 1, boots shapers cese and onion crisps x 1
orange juice (watered down), 2 x latte, 2ltr water

Food intake is improving, managed bread today, whoop and even had 3/4 of a sausage yesterday. Somebody asked earlier about my tummy issues, basically i cant seem to stomach many solids and hospital investigating possible pouch issues and stretch maybe.
though that said food intake really improving.

total 817 calories for day, 29.1 gram protein. burnt 767 calories doing a 4.5 mile walk

good day, great day :)

16 weeks post op


B 50g ready brek
l 1/3 tin asda tomato soup and 1/2 slice brown bread
d 40g ready brek

snacks: 40g smoked applewood cheese and 1 pack cheesy wotsits

drinks: 2.25 ltr water, 1 x latte, 1 x coffee
burnt 280 calories swimming


Well my eating as changed, literally overnight. I am 4 months post and have hardly managed solids. Every day just cheese or porridge. I had an endoscopy yesterday and they discovered a stricture. They did a stretch straight away and wow! What a difference!
Today's diary:
Ready Brek, 40 g
Milk - Semi Skimmed Milk, 70 ml
Optimum Nutrition - Whey Crisp Protein Bar,
Tortilla Wrap, 1/8th tortilla
Cherry Tomatoes, 0.25 tomato
Bbq Sauce, 0.15 tbsp (36g)
Iceberg Lettuce, 3 g
Pork Strips 15 g

Ilchester - Applewood Smoked Cheddar Cheese, 20 g
Odeon Cinemas - Medium Popcorn 1/4 of a small bag

Drinks: 2.5 ltr water, 2 x coffees (white)

dinner a bid odd, but was at chiquito's. had tiny portions but stayed down and very very happy.

protein for day 58.1g
Calories (before exercise) 823



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So happy to hear that having discovered the cause they were able to sort it there & then & that now things are much easier for you. It's great news.