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What's on the menu today?


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Breakfast - 2 slices of toast thin scrapping of clover

Two lattes

Lunch - Thai mug shot

2 digestives and cup of tea

Dinner- tbs mash, tbs sweetcorn 1/3 of chicken breast

Nas throughout

Had lot of abdominal pain today so not had much.


Sunday 9 weeks post op

Breakfast really late made a 2 egg omlette with ham and some cheese, only ate about a 1/4 of it as just didn't like it. ( Must stick to boiled or poached eggs)

Late dinner had a chicken curry ready meal as was supposed to go out but plans fell though. Ate all of the chicken, some of the sauce and one spoon of the rice. Was ok but not all that really.

2 milky coffees and water. Snacks one bag of morrisons eat smart soya potato crisps.


Monday 9 weeks post op
Breakfast weetabix minis with skimmed milk.

Lunch 4 rukushens crackers with some wafer thin ham.

Dinner one chicken thigh with 4 oven chips, Really tired today so a crappy dinner, will try harder tomorrow.

3 milky coffees, water and some brazil nuts.


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Breakfast - ready break, 4 spoons
Lunch - Cauliflower Cheese, 2 Spoons
Tea - bolognaise - 5 spoons



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BEXS99 said:
Breakfast - ready break, 4 spoons
Lunch - Cauliflower Cheese, 2 Spoons
Tea - bolognaise - 5 spoons

Hi Bexs. I am following you diet closely as I am in for sleeve at the weekend. Can I ask when you say spoons is that tea or dessert spoons? Thanks


Bad day food wise for me today.
B - poached egg and cheese sauce.
Sadly went downhill from there, eggs clearly don't agree with me. Vomited straight away. And been a rough day ever since.
Had a baby bel for a snack which stayed down but then had corned beef hash (4 spoons) for dinner and has come up. Can't seem to stomach much more. Also only had 500ml water, but will wait 30 mins (hopefully things will settle) and will try some more fluids.


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Out shopping today so not had alot

Breakfast - half wheatabix
Lunch - 6 prawns
Tea - Haddock in cheese sauce


Breakfast weetabix minis with skimmed milk
Lunch 3 jacobs flatbreads ( Cracker type) 1 slice of cornbeef, a small round beetroot and some egg mayo
Dinner 2 new potatoes, half a salmon fillet ( Baked in oven with seasoning and lemon) 2 broccoli florets and a few green beans.
Snacks Brazil nuts

3 milky coffees, 2 teas and water


B - 3/4 slice white toast with 2 tea spoon spaghetti hoop
L - 3 carrs meltz with laughing cow
D - 4 tea spoons thick chicken soup

Snacks 1 baby bel and 1 packet mini cheddars and 80ml low fat ambrosia custard

Drinks 1 x coffee and 2ltr water


Yesterday was a crap food day. Lots of vomiting and not feeling well. Though today has been fab!!!
B - porridge
L - 1 full slice of marmite on toast
D - 2 slice ham, 1/4 cup chopped lettuce and a dollop of mayo (low fat)

Snacks: mini cheddars x 1, baby bel x 1
Drinks : watered down pine apple juice and 1 x tea and water. I made 2 ltrs.

However tomorrow being my 8 week surgeversary I celebrated tonight with a pack of cheesy wotsits. Heard they go down well. And they really did. Only expected to have half but easily had them all. I feel bad though. This was unnecessary. With them I'm still under my daily calorie goal and within all my allowed limits. Still, I ate them just because and was unnecessary. It's that thinking that lead me to having an op. anyway can't be undone but can be avoided in future. For those of you who just started on solids, what fruit do you recommend? What went down easy for you? This is the kind of snacking I should rather be doing! So please please recommend a good, easy to go down, early stage fruit.


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Hi Ryan, Ive found that the prepared boxes of fruit out of Asda have been okay £1. With melon and grapes and kiwi I also tried one with granola, yoghurt and fruit. This was lovely and went down a treat again £1. Just grab and go and easy when at work. Have you tried the frozen fruit. I use this in smoothies to up my calcium (mixed with milk) dont bother to defrost just mix in blender and it is cold and lovely. xx


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18 weeks out and I find the following fruits easy to handle; Oranges, tangerines, soft pears and grapes. I usually carry a small container (150 ml) with grapes around with me to snack on, whenever I feel the need. Personally, I cannot handle Apples, which is a shame, because I used to enjoy them.
I also find carrying a small container (150ml) of Edamame Beans, Almonds and Hazelnuts for snacking helps.


great shout on on fruits guys, thanks. Am off to Tesco in a bit ;-)

Mrs Quiggle

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4 Days out. Or is it 3 days out, don't know but op on Tues late afternoon.

Anyway I am thinking I'm having far too much to eat, not feeling sick at all and hard to tell if I'm full or not. Doing continual little burpettes. Today I've had so far.

Half a tub of low fat ambrosia custard
A Mac Donalds Coke glass full of NAS squash
Half a pot of muller light mandarin yogurt.
Another glass of squash
Half a mugs worth of homemade chicken, leek and potato soup.
Small glass of milk
Other half of muller lite yogurt
For dinner will have half a mug of soup again.
Glass of milk or a milky coffee

Sounds like absolutely loads aside what everyone else is having. Does tsp mean a teaspoon or a tablespoon.

What do you think, is it too much, it's all pretty much liquid and it did say free fluids in the hospital.


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im 5 days post op ad all i can manage all day is around the same amout

today i have had

Brekfast - Half a fromage frais

Lunch - 3 Tbsp pureed mince and tomato

Tea - 3 Tbsp Pureed lamb and veg soup

i havent been able to manage anything in between and am constantly feeling full at moment so dont actualy want to eat anything - weird


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10 days post op:-

1/2 weetabix in ss milk

1/2 cup of milky coffee made with ss milk & 2tsp milk powder for extra protein.

1/4 tin WW Tom soup

6 tspoons muller light yog (later this afternoon)

Tea: chicken, mash and gravy purée

Supper will probably be a Cadbury highlight.

Mrs Quiggle

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Cup of tea in bed, brought by lovely husband.
Half a peach yogurt for breakfast
Skinny latte sat outside coffee shop in village, lovely and sunny.
1/4 Tin of Heinz tomato soup for lunch with half a 125g pot of yogurt.
Small mug of peppermint tea for wind, (didn't work)
Will have more soup and yogurt for dins

Have just remembered I havn't had any water so will grab some right now.


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2 weeks post op:

B: Weetabix & ss milk

Mid morning: Milky coffee & extra ss milk granuals

L: Soft scrambled egg with two tea spoons of baked beans, mashed with a fork rather than blitzed.

Mid afternoon: I/2 muller light yoghurt

Tea: Home made stew puree

Supper: Cadbury Hightlight.

1.2 stone gone since op


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7 Weeks post op - dont think eat enough

Breakfast - 4 tbspoons ready break
Cuppa tea
Lunch - Slice ham
Mid pm - tub rice pudding
Dinner - mince hot pot, never ate potatoes, around 5 tbspoons
milk 2 glasses

Does this sound enough x

Miss Tickle

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Not a lot. Couldn't be ar**ed all day !!
See how bad habits creep back in?