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What's on the menu today?


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I thought it would be a good idea to gain some tips from everyone of what you are having for your meals today and also to share with anyone who would like some new ideas or anyone who is struggling.:break_diet: Regardless of which surgery you've had or having, and at what point you are at on your WL Journey (pre op or post op) I was wondering what you are having to eat today.

Hpe you don't mind sharing your thoughts and ideas. Cheers. X


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Hi Neeta i've had an awful days eating today, my excuse being i had an unexpected 120 mile to Birmingham to fetch my children home as i was concerned for their safety at the moment.

Breakfast was great :) 50g bran flakes with some grapes n skimmed milk..

Then i hit the motorway and at 11 was hungry so had a rice krispie square and a pack of snack a jacks (very bad as i never eat rice krispie square things grr)

Lunch= lemon doughnut from greggs and a ham salad baguette (all of which i ate over 1 1/2 hours. Normally if i had a baguette when out i'd have about 1/3 and give the rest to hubby but he wasn't here so i staggered it. The lemon doughnut was pure impulse buying and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dinner= not had yet, got weight watchers in an hour and a half and still not hungry from all that baguette and the milky coffee i just had...

This is not a 'normal' day for me.

Here is what i would call a normal day:

B= Porridge or bran flakes and some fruit if needed
snack on a piece of fruit or 2 before lunch
L= Meat and salad or a boots shapers sandwich, possibly a weight watchers yoghurt.
D= Meat/fish with vegetables

Usually enough weight watcher points in there for me to have a w/w dessert.

I also go to the gym a minimum of 4 times a week...

I never ever eat takeaway food, if we eat out i tend to eat meat/fish n veg, can't remember last time i had a jacket with me steak lol xx


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well im on purees at the minute

brekkie - cornflakes and lots of milk to make them soggy
lunch - veg soup
dinner - chicken, mash, carrot and turnip all mushed in blender with a touch gravy.

Miss Tickle

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Still on liquids so
Brekkie- low fat Actimel
Mid Morning- Cup of Bovril
Lunch- Latte
Dinner- Strained chicken cuppa soup
Snacks- more latte and a NAS strawberry Crusha Milk shake
NAS squash.
I will have more skimmed milk, either plain or with Crusha, later to take me up to the two pints mark and make sure I reach my required 2 litre intake.
'tay easy....
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Looking very good Miss Tickle, keep plodding away at them pesky drinks xx

Miss Tickle

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I will Julie, but it is an all day job lol !


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6 Brazil Nuts
Cottage Pie
Won Ton Soup
Mini Milk

chubby funster

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Brilliant thread!! I'm struggling for ideas at the minute!
B - most of a muller light (can't quite manage a whole one!)

L - a morrisons salad bar thing, bought in an emergency. I'm starting to move onto normal food but wary. Had half boiled egg, some cheese, a small potato and about five bits of penne pasta. Annoyed with myself as had a mayo dressing, so that was a silly choice.

T/D - 3/4 of a slice of danish bread toasted with marmite. Poor protein but all I fancied to eat.

Snack - 6 almonds 2 cashews


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I will Julie, but it is an all day job lol !
Yeah it is initially, then suddenly one day you realise you've drunk all your morning cuppa before it went cold...

Keep on sipping, it's getting there lol xx


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phatmomma said:
Yeah it is initially, then suddenly one day you realise you've drunk all your morning cuppa before it went cold...

Keep on sipping, it's getting there lol xx
I'm so relieved that I am now back to drinking my tea while it's still hot! Lush xXx

Miss hungry

7 stone lighter!
My breakfast was Apricot wheats
Lunch was pumpkin seed rivita with low fat cheese and chilli jam on it. Followed by a low fat yogurt.
Dinner was weight watchers meal with steam fresh veg.
Snacks were banana and options hot choc.


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I love it!!! I think you are all really good ... well done ... now I can see how you lose the weight!! I'm not even going to consider putting down what I ate today!!! :(


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Thanks for joing in on this, I too am getting some ideas for later - not started the Mild Diet yet (5th of Sept for op on 26th) but at least I know what sort of things to be looking forward to after wards. Looking forward to lots more suggestions as the time comes. Thanks again. xx


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Today is a better day for me, this is what i'm planning to eat (i am 14 months post op by the way lol)

B= Cornflakes with skimmed milk
L= Omelette with halloumi cheese and ham on it and some juicy little cherry toms
D= Lasagna (just a little bit of a mega shop brought one i got in Iceland last night) with salad

I will be snacking on melon and pineapple and maybe a w/w yoghurt or two. I only use skimmed milk and i usually have a coffee made purely of milk mid afternoon (ish).


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Hi phatmomma, glad you are having a better day today. I am sure that there are ups and downs after surgery as there are before it, but having a look at what other people are eating on their menus hopefully will give us all some encouragement and ideas of things to try. ;)


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Hi can I join in, I'm 12 weeks post op tomorrow:

Breakfast - Branflakes and a small banana
Lunch - Tuna salad with 3 melba toasts
Dinner - Cod in parsley sauce with steam fresh veg (I think)
Snacks - mini babybel light, 30g pot fromage frais yoghurt, 2 x nectarines

Karen x


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I start my pre-op diet next week, so finding it hard to keep focused (part of my brain seems to be going EAT ALL THE FOOD! at me ¬_¬)

Still, I've been fairly good today - had a Slimfast shake for breakfast, then a cup of veggie broth and just had an Innocent veg pot for lunch (Masala one!) Might have some of my cherries later but tonight I have beef and mixed veg (and maybe some of the beans my neighbour gave me from her garden!) :)