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Whats your dream weight?


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I have been having counselling to help me deal with many aspects of my life including my weight & food issues and among other things that have come out of it is a realisation that I need to give my self " room to move " within the final weight I choose but that I also need to decide on a marker weight that I will tell myself I will never go above again.
my counsellor suggested I pick 4 weights to work towards and use to help me they are as follows

Unhappy weight - a weight that once I pass it I promise myself I will never go above again

Acceptable Weight - a weight that I can go up-to when and if I have to such as illness or on holiday

Happy weight - The weight I would be very happy to be and where I think I could live at

Dream Weight - If I could really achieve my dream and get to a special weight it would be this weight.

Mine are as follows
Unhappy - 14st
Acceptable - 12 1/2st
Happy - 11 1/2st
Dream - 10st2lbs
I wanted to post this as I talked to another Mini about it and they told me what a great idea it would be to share this, I’ve also shared this with a couple of friends who are not doing WLS route and they have taken it to their hearts and have set their own goals along these lines.

Anyway thats my journey xxx

Unhappy weight 14st
Acceptable weight 12st
Happy Weight 11st 7 pounds
Dream Weight 11stone

Great post by the way, gives you something to think about and aim for. I liked it.



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Being only 5 foot 2 ideally i am supposed to be around 9 - 9.5 stone but i feel i would look too skinny that way and i do not want to look 'ill' so after some thought feel that the following is what i could live with

Unhappy 13st

Acceptable 12 st

Happy 11st lb

Dream 10st


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wow, what a great suggestion - thanks for sharing it.
before i had kind of fixated on losing half of my original weight - so from 21 stone to 10 1/2 stone so it really made me think !

Unhapppy - 14 stone
Acceptable - 12 stone
Happy - 10 1/2 stone
Dream - 9 stone


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Great post, I had to think about this too, as I set my goal to what I should be for my height Bmi wise, which is 8st 2lbs, but after thinking about this realisticly, this is what i came up with.

Unhapppy - 11 stone
Acceptable - 10 stone
Happy - 9.7 stone
Dream - 9 stone


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Im so happy that this has helped some look at what weight THEY want to be not what others tell them they should be....its about being happy xxx


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Hi Wanda

Here goes for mine

Unhapppy - 15 stone
Acceptable - 13 stone
Happy - 12 stone
Dream - 11 stone

Only 7 1/2 stone til my dream weight then :-(



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Hiya Mrs Cakey
after you started this great thread, it got me thinking, do you, or any other minimins member who have attended councelling etc, have any other helpful tips for the rest of us to address the emotional side of why we eat etc?, and does setting short term goals, medium term goals and longer term goals work? I set small goals every 7 days and manage to achieve the majority of them, but sometimes I think I make them too easy for myself, so that I dont set myself up for failure. How do I increase the difficulty of the goals without running into the possibility of not meeting the goal? I have always struggled with failure (have up to now always seen the glass as half empty) but am trying to change the way I look at things. Any tips, any one?????



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Hi mnl, why don't you set the goals a little harder and put them on here so we can all support you??? There's no such thing as being a failure, its a nasty word that makes people feel crappy. To not reach your goals would mean you'd feel bad about yourself for not achieving them but with the support on here I think you have a fantastic chance of reaching your goals. Good luck xx Gaynor xx
(sorry for rambling)


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After I had my son in November 2007 I weighed 20stone and 5 pound and it was the heaviest I had even seen on the scales when I got married in 2001 I weighed 16 stone and when I started dating my husband in 1996 I weighed 13 stone and was a size 16.
I have been told after the band my minimum weight will be 13stone.
I last weighed 18 stone 6 pound 3 weeks ago
Unhappy - anything over 16 st :cry:
Acceptable - 13 st :confused:
Happy - 12 st :)
Dream - 11st :D

wonder if our dreams will come true xxx



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I think this is a great idea!!
mine are as follows:-
unhappy 15stone
acceptable 14stone
happy 13stone
dream 11st 7lb


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wondering why they told you your minimum weight would be 13st thats a bit strange?why and how did they decide that?


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wondering why they told you your minimum weight would be 13st thats a bit strange?why and how did they decide that?


The consultant who I saw when I went in for my pre op assessment said that most DS patients lose between 75 & 90% of their excess weight and so by playing safe he said that based on me losing 82.5% of my excess weight it would take me to just over 14 stone. So with that in mind I thought that I have the potential to be 13 without being skinny if you know what I mean?!?!?!?

I am going to see the surgeon who will be doing my op on wed next week so I will ask for acurate figures then.

I am on day two of pre op diet and all is going well. I decided to do it 3 weeks before my op just incase I struggled on the first few days or so but I have been fine. So far so good!!!

Do you think I could go lighter?


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I'd like to be anything under 15 stone to start with...but I would like to get to 11 stone if I can :D


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how long is a piece of string babe? we had this discussion on here a while back and the reality is if you are eating restricted calories and your doing some exercise and so using more calories per day than you put in you will loose weight - this is exactly whats happening with any kind of diet including with WLS so if you keep at it and contiune to do some exercise and eat less calories than you need to live each day you will continue to loose weight.....Im NOT making light of eating disoreders but lets be honest you dont get 12st anorexicis do you? if you use more calories than you consume you loose weight it may be slowly but you will...its not possible not to.
The basic thing is if you have a correctly filled band and don't cheat it with slider foods or you eat sensible foods post bypass you will loose weight.... how much is up to you dependent on 2 things....what you eat and how much you eat its that simple.

Also dont forget statistics are balls don't forget the fact that .....
as noone in the world has 3 legs (to even up the statistics) statistically we all only have 1 and a bit legs....after all there are plenty of people around with only one and that means that statistically we all have less than 2!

Statistics can be made to fit what ever anyone wants them to.


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I am not having a band though, I am having the Duodenal Switch so slider foods don't really apply to me I don't think!!
I am committed to changing my life and making the right food choices and exercising and what you said makes total sense. I'm sure the well known saying states........."If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got"

I have just started to read a book by Jack Canfield called 'How to get from where you are to where you want to be' and I can reallly relate to it. It states that until you take fully 100% resposibility for yourself and your actions and stop blaming others or situations for the way your life has turned out or for the negative things that has happened in your life then you will never truely move on and be successful with what you want to achieve. I have only read a couple of chapters so far but it is really easy to read and isn't filled with big fancy terms that could be difficult to understand. It was recommended by icemoose on here and I got my copy from amazon with free postage. well worth a read!!!!

It has helped me start to change the way I view myself thats for sure and to stop feeling so negative. I can't change the past, it's gone!! There is no point in wasting any energy on what you cannot change. I decided a couple of days ago that I was going to chanel my energy into shaping my future and to finally achieve my goals and dreams and to live a happy, healthy, fitter life once and for all!!!

There - I have got it off my chest.
sorry for the rant by the way!!!


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Yasmine - I think Wanda was referring to fatbutnot4eva. She is having a band and was told 13 stone would be her minimium weight.