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Whats your dream weight?

I have misunderstood the post totally!!

I hope you don't think I was having a go or anything 'cos I'm not like that. I would dearly love to be at my target weight and a healthy, acceptable BMI and what wanda said totally made sense. I had never looked at it like that before as I have always been told that people who have been so overweight won't lose 100% of their excess weight.
I was 28st 13lb when I went to see the consultant last week but I was obviously wearing clothes but I weighed 28st 11lb without clothes on my own scales so they are pretty accurate. Maybe they were trying to not give people false hopes but as wanda said if you are prepared to eat less with the help of WLS and exercise then there should be no reason why we can't achieve our target weight in time!!!
Hows the pre op going anyway? x

Pre op is going fine. Been harder than I thought with all the easter eggs around though. Been tempted but not given in. Damn that easter bunny!!!!!
I want to change my life and I need to have this op so I won't let anything get in the way!!
Pre op is going fine. Been harder than I thought with all the easter eggs around though. Been tempted but not given in. Damn that easter bunny!!!!!
I want to change my life and I need to have this op so I won't let anything get in the way!!

Good for you, glad its going well x
initially i want to get to 12 stone...thats when my gp will pt me forward for tummy tuck...but i would love to be 10 stone...then i will have lost over half of my body weight (more than the weight of my mum infact...and i cant pick her up...so how have i managed to walk around with the equivilent of her strapped to me for all these years?!)...still something i cant quite get my head around!!! i know most of the weight loss following bypass happens in the first 6 months, but a question to all those past the 6 month mark...have you continued to loose weight steadily? also i still dont understand how you stop loosing weight when you get to goal???!!! can anyone explain to me ... x
My dream wieght would be 14 stone but unless i get skin removal that will never happen.

So that being teh case i would love to be about 15 / 15.5 stone.

But my loss has slowed RIGHT down now to lose much mor ei think a good working out everyday will sort it. but i feel so tired i cant do it. but i do the house work and fix stuff when i can then hopefully my energy will come back soon.
Unhappy - anything over 13 stone
Acceptable - 13 stone
Happy - 12 stone
delighted - 11 stone
Dream - 10 stone
Pigs might fly - 9 stone
:rotflmao:I love the Pigs might fly
Someone popped up a thread about goals and made me remember this thread from months ago so I wanted to bump, thanks Wanda for starting it. Funny thing is I found mine surprising because less than 3 months later I am 1.5lbs from my happy weight.

Lovely idea Wanda. I gave it some thought and this is what I think works for me. I know that I want to never be over a 30 BMI (obese) again but I am not sure that my 'ideal weight' will be easy to maintain so I have set myself a happy goal between my ideal & less than 30 BMI.

Unhappy - 186lbs or 13st4 = BMI of 30
Acceptable - 178lbs or 12st9
Happy - 170lbs or 12s2
Dream - 155lbs or 11st1 = BMI 24.5

Thanks for the great post!


Here is someone who has reached their happy weight!
iv been over20st most of my adult life so for me

unhappy over 20st
happy anything under^^^

my goal weight is 14stone

dream weight if tummytucks were available in my area 11 and half stone

And here is another 'happy' weight person!

Great post, I had to think about this too, as I set my goal to what I should be for my height Bmi wise, which is 8st 2lbs, but after thinking about this realisticly, this is what i came up with.

Unhapppy - 11 stone
Acceptable - 10 stone
Happy - 9.7 stone
Dream - 9 stone

Ooooh - can't wait!
I am 5'3" with a small frame.

This is an excellent thread and really important to think about goals and achieving them. I am only 5ft 4 and medium build but when I lost weight before with Lighter Life and got to 10.5 I remember thinking actually "i am quite tiny really". Sometimes all the fat made me think I was "big boned". There is a tiny girly under here and I want to find her again.

Unhappy - 14st :cry:
Acceptable - 12.0 st :confused:
Happy - 10.5 st :)
Dream - 9.7st :D
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Unhappy - 14 stone

Acceptable - 13 stone

Happy - 11.5 stone

Dream - 10.5 stone (slightly unrealistic but hey, a girl can dream!!! I know I'd be happy at around 12)
I am sincerely hoping that when i get on the scales at Boots tomorrow i will have achieved my "unhappy weight" goal I started at 17'2 (my heaviest was around 4-6 lbs up on that) but 3 months ago, mothers day weekend, that was me and fingers crossed tomorrow I will be 14st and will also have achieved my to weigh under 200lbs mini goal.

I have not been around much as life's been tough but i pop in from time to time and about the only thing that reliable in my life is my Band and I'm so so pleased I had it done :D

I have been having counselling to help me deal with many aspects of my life including my weight & food issues and among other things that have come out of it is a realisation that I need to give my self " room to move " within the final weight I choose but that I also need to decide on a marker weight that I will tell myself I will never go above again.
my counsellor suggested I pick 4 weights to work towards and use to help me they are as follows

Unhappy weight - a weight that once I pass it I promise myself I will never go above again

Acceptable Weight - a weight that I can go up-to when and if I have to such as illness or on holiday

Happy weight - The weight I would be very happy to be and where I think I could live at

Dream Weight - If I could really achieve my dream and get to a special weight it would be this weight.

Mine are as follows
Unhappy - 14st
Acceptable - 12 1/2st
Happy - 11 1/2st
Dream - 10st2lbs
I wanted to post this as I talked to another Mini about it and they told me what a great idea it would be to share this, I’ve also shared this with a couple of friends who are not doing WLS route and they have taken it to their hearts and have set their own goals along these lines.

Anyway thats my journey xxx
welcome back wanda xxx
Hiya Wanda so pleased for you that your band is working out to be a positive. Was thinking about you when I dug this fab thread out. Wishing you well and sending you (((hugs))).