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sleeve gastrectomy

  1. L

    Journey to healthier me, my story so far

    Hi I am new here. I found this site as I wanted to find people in UK to talk to and get advice on WLS. Im 41. Have Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Liver/Kidney issues, ME/CFS and Polycystic Ovaries- so falling apart with an Autistic young child. so I needed to do something soon. i weighed 19.2...
  2. N

    Just been given a date! Frantically packing hospital bag !

    Hi, this may sound silly but are we ok to wear trousers and bras after sleeve op? I've been given a date at really short notice ( not that I mind at all, im so excited!) And I'm frantically trying to pack a bag today as I'm working tomorrow and op is on Tuesday. Will I be better throwing...
  3. LittleMissNom

    Gastric Sleeve Stage one liquids - sleeve

    In my pack I have some recipie so here they are if u fancy some ideas! Check with your own dietician as these are just one example of options Basically it goes: aim for 50mls an hour of high protein drinks/meals and 1000ml other fluids for hydration in first week. Toward end of first week- In...
  4. jooz0301

    Who's having an op in July/August 2016

    Mine is August 16th. Would love to share my journey with other people xx mutual support x :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  5. K

    Sleeve surgery

    Hi guys so I think I am swaying to the sleeve surgery, would any of you guys who have had this type of surgery like to tell me how you found it. How did surgery go? What is the recovery like? Living with it? Any regrets. Also I do not want to tell my two sons I am having this, my eldest is...
  6. K

    Worried Newbie considering band or sleeve

    Hi all Ive just stumbled across the fabulous site after googling about WLS. I went for a free consultation on Wednesday with a view to having a band fitted. The consultant then threw a curve ball into the mix and told me about a sleeve gastrectomy I'm so worried about having either tbh, but...
  7. Matra

    aaahhh, scared, excited

    Hey there everyone, I've been lurking around this site for a while now & eventually feel brave enough to say a few words. A little bit about me....I have been overweight since child hood and and now in my early 40's and basically i have had enough of this weight loss / gain roller coaster. I...
  8. J

    Help and advice WLS Group & El Hasani surgeon

    Help and advise WLS Group & El Hasani surgeon Hi All I am new to this so please forgive me if I get this all wrong. I am looking to start my journey of weight loss surgery and it feels like a mind field with all the different companies offering different packages. I am looking to have my...
  9. K

    choices choices choices... help!

    So... I met with Mr Ahmed at Derby who has agreed to put me on the waiting list in 3 months time providing I don't gain any weight and surgery should be in summer. the choice of surgery is up to me but he would recommend a gastric bypass. im worried about the mortality rates of the bypass...
  10. DaddyMack

    Virgin Poster

    Hello Guys and Gals, I'm a virgin poster. Joined the site about a month ago when I googled my Surgeon, Mr. El Hassani when I was booked to do my gastric sleeve operation. The information was invaluable and when I eventually had my pre-op assessment with Mr. El Hassani I took his curtness in my...
  11. scooter81

    Leaking like the Titanic..

    Hi, has anyone had any experience of stomach leaks?? I had a sleeve gastrectomy on 25th February 2012 and all appeareed to go well and I was promptly discharged. A week later, I was readmitted into hospital via A&E as I was vomiting blood and fleshy bits. I was given blood transfusions and...
  12. M

    Surgery not done at UCLH due to excess fat?

    Hi all, When I first saw one of the surgeons at UCLH, he said to me that they operated on a woman the week before and in the end didn't go through with the bypass/sleeve surgery due to a lot of fat at the top of her stomach. He explained that this may also happen to me as I have a lot of my...
  13. E

    When to Exercise

    I went to a 'Zumba' class yesterday.. I had an amazing time there.. But felt dizzy/breathless a number of times.. I hope am not straining any parts of my insides yet.. Am not 3 weeks post op yet.. Am just bloody bored... LOL...did I mention I had a great time... :D:D:D:D
  14. E


    Am saying hello with mixed emotions. As I am in tremendous pain and discomfort as well as relived that I have actually made this life changing decision and can’t wait to see the effects already. A little about me, I live in the west-midlands. I have not always been big till I turned 14 and ever...
  15. cherrydrop

    My Surgery is tomorrow, please wish me luck

    After much thought and years of research. I am having a sleeve gastrectomy at Spire hospital Manchester with Mr Ammori tomorrow, I know I'll be in safe hands but I can't help worrying a little bit. Please wish me well, I can't wait to be on the losers bench and would like to thank everyone here...