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Before and 5.5 months progress photos.

I still intend on working out. And as you say it's there to help stop the over eating. I'm exactly the same. One extreme to the other either exercising and under eating. Or over eating and not moving. I'm hoping this will help Combat those issues and help me find the balance! I want 3-4st gone in 4 months! I know it's ambitious but think I could do it. My surgery date is provisionally and hopefully nov 13th! So fingers crossed!! Thanks for your sharing hun!! Xx

Wow! That's a big goal im sure you will achieve it, just don't think of it as dieting. It's changing your life, I have 2 biscuits or a piece of choc everyday most days just so I still enjoy a real life. We eat out once a week so I'm never bored or feeling isolated like I have in previous diets.

Whooo surgery 12th Nov! Go girlie :-D
It is a big goal but why not aim big - if I aim big I'll achieve big hopefully. Even if I don't make it the closer I get the better!!

Yes very excited now! X
OMG this is amazing!!! Well done!!! Xx
Wow!! great photo's and fantastic weight losses ladies! Inspiration to all us newbies! :)