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Best and worst bits about having had the sleeve!


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Reading this thread has pretty much made my mind up!!!!


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Sooooo useful. Thanks all who contributed.


I am now four months out and am really enjoying slimmer me. I look people struggling with their weight and wish that everyone has this chance. It is still early for me, the sleeve is doing the hard work. I am fearful of what the future will hold but I am determined not to go back. For the first time, I can feel fullness when I eat. Hope brain-stomach connection will carry on and I will get this fullness feeling forever. In the past, I had no feeling of fullness and can eat and eat...
I am enjoying walking out, without feeling judged... I hope this makes sense. I recommend this operation.


When you guys were at hospital, were you tablets liquid or could you take tablets? Just wondered what to take for extra post op pain relief?

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I was on soluble meds in hospital, and again they sent me home with a months supply. some of the meds I was already on before surgery was told that they could be crushed and put into water, didn't bother with that, after the first six weeks i started taking the tablets as normal.


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Such an incredibly useful thread. I have read this with tears in my eyes.

Thank you so much to all who contributed! Very interesting to see some overseas surgeries too - if my funding is refused then that's probably the route I'll take, somehow. :)


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I've just read every story on here
Very informative and a great help love the pros and cons....
I'm day 15 post-op and had a few questions answered
Thank you x


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Hello, I know this is an old thread that has been revived a few times but thought I would comment as I've found it very helpful.

Are there any people who are several years out from a sleeve op?

I noticed while looking at the transformations bypass thread that several people who were a couple of years out were suffering from the 'medical repercussions' (not sure exactly what they are) of a bypass and I wonder if it is smiler story for sleeves?

Thanks in advance.
This is such a great thread. I know it started a long time ago but I am really grateful to everyone who shared their experiences.