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Message to Myself ... diary to remind me where I have been and where I am going


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Well, I know the general direction of where I am going. It may not be a direct journey and there may be distractions along the way but I am confident I will get there.

So far I have had 6 fantastic weeks.

2 week pre-op diet (milk/slimfast/yoghurt diet) - 13lbs lost
2 week liquid diet (following op) - 7lbs lost (-20lbs)
2 week purreed diet - 4lbs lost (-24lbs)

Started solid foods on Saturday. Wow, I really now need to start re-educating myself to eat properly... I got a piece of nectarine stuck today (remind myself to chew more!!) and had mega hiccups because I was so ravenous I wolfed my lunch down too quickly at work. Definitely felt restriction today for the first time - with every cloud there is a silver lining :D
Another great week. Eaten out twice this week, but still managed to loose. The weekend is going to be difficult as we have family visiting and will be eating out again twice at least (that goodness for child menus), as well as me spending the majority of time in the kitchen surrounded by food.

Over the past few days I have been feeling much hungrier - even though I haven't given into temptation yet, I do think it is time the band was filled (only got 1.5m in large band and according to the nurse it takes between 9 and 11mls to feel ultimate restriction).

First fill booked for 30 August :)

week 7 - 2lbs lost (-26lbs)
Wow this is amazing! My op is on 30th Aug & I am currently 1 week into Pre op diet. I can only hope to get the results u are getting! Well done. How did u find the op & recovery? Any advice? Keep up the good work x
The op went well and Mr Super repaired a hernia at the same time. I went back to work on the Wednesday but didnt really feel 100% myself until about 2 weeks afterwards. Scars were glued but are healing very well. I do still feel slightly swollen internally even now (but I think thats from the hernia repair rather than the band, so cannot bend over to paint my toenails ... but apart from that, I feel very positive. How are you feeling about 30th? Are you excited? Where are you having the op? This site is a fantastic opportunity to learn from other banders experience x
Well, I weighed myself this morning and have lost 3lbs this week,not bad considering we ate out 3 times this week. That is now 30lbs gone in 8 weeks. 245lbs / 17 1/2 st. Better than I could ever have hoped for.

I had set myself the target of getting to 17 1/2 stones by Christmas. Takes me back to a time in my life 4 years ago when I was going through an awful experience and I lost two stones in around two weeks taking me to 17 1/2 stones. That time i wasnt in control but this time I am and for that reason I feel great :happy036:

Set myself a mini target of getting under 17st by the end of September ... Here I go ,,,
Thanks Kelley ... you will b there soon. Good luck on Tuesday for the op. That is the day I go for my first fill, so a day for us both to celebrate.
Wow this is ur first fill. So have u lost 30 lb since op? That is amazing. It's took me 18 months to lose that. Hopefully I'm as successful as u! x
Was it worth it? NO!

I feel sick; I made percy pig cup cakes for a friend yesterday, to use up chocolate and butter I had in the cupboards; and ended up bringing some home. BAD MOVE. To remove the tempatation, I decided to dispose of them (AFTER all the chocolate pig heads went in my mouth in the space of 10 minutes). approx 100g of white chocolate :( :( and I have been so good up until now. Just goes to show that a lifetime of bad habits don't disappear overnight.

Anyway, I thought if I am honest about it in my diary and on my diet tracker; I will put the blip behind me ... good job I have 5 more days to saturday weigh-in; plus my band fill on Tuesday....
At least only the pig heads went in & not the whole cake! Could have been worse! Don't be hard on yourself, u have done fab. But like u say, we will learn everyday how to kill old habits. I'm getting nervous now! x
You will be fine. Wishing you the very best of luck x
3lbs lost this week - weighed in a day early as off on holiday in a few more hours. 33lbs in 2 months feels so good.

Had first band fill this week. 7 mls in 14ml band. No problems so far...liquids for two days then purree for 3 days - had to munch on some salad yesterday though as I love my fresh veg. It was fine, but the restriction was definitely there - all I could eat was a side plate of food.

Back in 2 weeks ... :)
Well done on your loss, it is amaizing! and a nice way to start your holidays! have a great time :)
Wow- flutterby- 7ml... I'm impressed! I've only got 2ml. Got another fill booked for next week. Its so exciting isn't it... losing weight has never been this easy...well for me anyway. And I haven't tried salad yet... once I've eaten the protein I can't get much else in so I've been opting for some mashed potato or carrots at the end. However I'm never buying Nutella again as I'd snacked on a large part of one jar one evening before I stopped myself!
well done on the massive weight loss though xx
USA Portions are so big

Wow. I have gone off massive portions for life I think. Very little in the USA is small or medium sized ... talk about living it large! Even a starter is too big. I have definitely felt restriction. I cannot wait to stop eating out - we get the keys to my husbands appartment on Saturday afternoon and I am sssoooooo looking forward to getting into the kitchen to cook something healthy.

TV adverts consist of telling you all about the wonderful (?!) foods on offer at discount prices; then how to loose the excess weight through all the wonderful diets and exercise products available. Talk about getting into a viscious circle. I even look slim over here :)

The one good thing over here is that so many people need 'help' with their weight issues that there is a mega industry selling protein-enriched food for people who have undergone bariatric surgery that I am going to order some to bring home with me to the UK to help me....

If I try anything good, I will update my thread. Hope all my fellow banders are having a great week.
Turning into a rabbit ...

Two weeks away and two pounds lost. Feel so happy :) Normally I would have put on half a stone, so anything lost is a definite bonus.

Over the past two weeks I have eaten chicken salad every day. No problems with it blocking the band. Only things my band doesn't seem to like are apple and tomato, despite chewing lots.

Have tried to eat healthily when on holiday apart from a few chicken wings and on the final day shared a massive portion of yummy angel cake with my OH. Everything the experienced Banders on here say is so right. Restriction is definitely about the food you eat. That cake (with the highest calorie content and which tasted sooo goood) slipped down no problem! And it reconfirmed my decision that to keep me on track - I will plan to have my treats when I am out (in moderation) and keep my pre-band binge food out of my cupboards at home.

Anyway, now I will stay focussed to loose my next two pounds to take me to 17st by end of September...
Well done on losing whilst on holiday. I was away for 1 week and put on 3lbs!! But yes- thats the food choices I made...it was a mega cake-fest week! Now I'm home I don't want it any more- got the cake monster out of my system :)
I'm so impressed you went to the USA and lost!! Its brilliant xx
We are at around the same stage in the process so I follow what you are doing too.

I have my demons too, but my way to cope will be to enjoy myself when out - guilt free. But I dare not try bread - once I do I think I will be on the slippery slope. The good thing is I am scared that it will block the band, so I am not even tempted.

Great thing is that we both have learnt from our holidays. Look forward to our Saturday weigh in next week. Good luck. x