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My secret band diary


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Well hello again, its me but 6 years post op! What a journey.. reading my posts back i could laugh at how i thought the band would solve everything. 1) i did get to a size 12! But it was hard work and mostly exercise 2) i maintained for 4 years 3) i vomited most days 4) kept it a secret 5) sept 2018 the band leaked 5 yrs post op 5) i developed granuloma annulare from having a foreign object in my body. So look like a freshen cow. 6) now back to square 1 at almost 15 stone. 7) now have to pay again to have it taken out as to be honest i cant live with ‘maybe ill vomit?’ daily due to restriction inconsistency! And have to because if my reaction 8) wondering if its selfish to be considering bypass/sleeve when that last one was a waste of cash.
So sad to be reading this, sounds like you've had a rough time with your band, many people convert from band to bypass or sleeve with success, so it's not selfish to be considering it. Good luck with whatever you choose x