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Sicknote checking in


Hey all,

Firstly i would like to pass on my sincere sympathy to Karlos's family and friends, I didnt see eye to eye with him on pretty much every point, however he did and has left a legacy of insightful knowledge good or bad every point was covered honestly and heartily by him. He fought a great many problems and his family and friends should be proud of him. Sometimes in life we dont like what other peoples opinions are but when all is said and done he was a man with a heart and May peace now be upon him and his family. Rip Karlos xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am so so sorry :eek: that i just upped and left but had a great deal of health concern that i had to deal with and burying my head in the internet was not helping so i took a break, Im not sure if the people such as Scooter, Chrisa to name but a few are still on here but I just wanted to give you all an update and see how you are all doing, as you can imagine there is stacks and stacks of posts and im just to unwell to read through them all, so i am being cheeky for the right reason and asking that you let me know how you been x

Missed you all



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Hello you!

Yes, it was a very sad time when we heard Karl had lost his battle :cry:

So how are you, still unwell your post says? xx


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Hi Sicknote I have been wondering about you. How are things with you now. You say you are still not too well. I know the last time we spoke you were very poorly and not sure what exactly was happening. I am fine thank you now 2 yrs and 4 months out now weight loss stopped some time ago. Came down from 24ST 11 TO just under 15st did get down to around 14 st 5 but 1/2 stone wen tback on. My bidy has plateaud out now I am a size 18-20 depending where I buy them from. My weight will be no lower however the hospital were pleased with me, I unfortunately will never be skinny just skinnier for me. I am back to what I was at 18 years of age so cant complain really. But at the start I dared to dream I could be skinny naïve really but for some it works out just not for me. I have got my head around it now but has been hard to tell people that this is it for me and why cant I have what others do. But I am here alive n kicking and fit and healthy so I am grateful. Lovely hearing from ya. Scooter still comes on we are in touch regularly. She ahs endure so much but I will let her tell you that, but she is a lot better now. You take care and don't be a stranger xxx Happy Christmas xxxxxx


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hi bab :) you have no idea howhappy I am to see this post!! thought youd gone on a cannoing hol in Panama! Im ok, will inbox you shortly