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  1. Cocoxo

    Finally a sleeve sister !. Post diet help?

    hi guys . After 5 years I have finally been sleeved . Originally wanted the bypass but the surgeon on the day was not happy and suggested I go for the sleeve !. I just did it as I was so desperate for the op. Straight after the op, constant vomiting- I puked around 30 times in the space of...
  2. T

    St. Richards hospital? Choosing hospitals..

    Hello, I have just finished Tier 3 (NHS) and have just recieved a letter with a choice of hospitals.. as St. Richards in Chichester is closest to me I think that will be my choice.. has anybody else had their surgery there? If so could you tell me a little about the experience? Also what...
  3. Louise Dorans

    bypass or sleeve?

    I'm really undecided on weather I want a bypass or sleeve.. any recommendations? any information would be hugely appreciated.
  4. Aliyah

    Spire roding hospital

    Hey, Has anyone had gastric sleeve surgery privately at spire roding hospital? And how was your experience getting it done from there.X Aliyah xo
  5. B

    Professor Ameet Patel Private

    Hi all, Extremely new here so hope I've posted in the right section. I have done tons of research and after realizing how long and tedious it will be having surgery on the NHS (at the Whittington London) I have bit the bullet and applied for a loan to go private with Prof Ameet Patel. I...
  6. LittleMissNom

    Gastric Sleeve Stage two - puree. Sleeve

    After two weeks of liquids, progress to 2 weeks of puree. Use a blender. Freeze in ice cube trays of protein, starch, veg. Start 3- 6 tsp. Or one cube of each part of meal Work up to 100g per meal. Puree fruit and yoghurt for snacks Still use shakes to get up to 60g protein daily Aim for 3...
  7. LittleMissNom

    Gastric Sleeve Stage one liquids - sleeve

    In my pack I have some recipie so here they are if u fancy some ideas! Check with your own dietician as these are just one example of options Basically it goes: aim for 50mls an hour of high protein drinks/meals and 1000ml other fluids for hydration in first week. Toward end of first week- In...
  8. nicolejanewillbeskinny

    hey im new and worried

    hey all, im Nicola, im 25 years old, Im having my first appointment at chels and west on monday 5th and im worried about funding, ive waited so long to get to this point, I just dont want to get declined. I weigh 404lbs (28 stone and some change) and my BMI is over 60. Have any of you dealt with...
  9. jooz0301

    Who's having an op in July/August 2016

    Mine is August 16th. Would love to share my journey with other people xx mutual support x :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  10. B

    First appointment tomorrow?!

    Hey! So I figure, this might be the one place I wont get judged, everywere else I ask and hope for some sort of encouragement I seem to get shot own by nasty hate and mysteriously upsetting anons. I am SO SO NERVOUS, because I feel like my age is going to pay a huge part in their decision...
  11. marz

    female surgeon

    Can anyone recommend a female surgeon for gastric sleeve? I'm quite prudish and though convinced I need the surgery I can't get past a man touching me.
  12. G

    Please help me- post-op can't stop crying

    Hi, I just had my sleeve done with Dr Cierny in Breclav on Tuesday. Since the surgery I haven't been able to stop crying and I'm wondering if this is normal. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm really scared that this might go on for a while and I will need further time off work. Thanks, Gaby
  13. Debs!

    Debs ramblings about her NHS sleeve...

    Catchy title eh?!? I am indulging myself with a pre op diary. I suggest potential readers skip this as it's bound to be either boring or a some what depressing series of moans by me as I crawl towards my sleeve! I am person with a facade of confidence which masks low self esteem and I use...
  14. SAM55

    Newbie from Yorkshire

    New in North Yorkshire Hi. I found this site by chance when Googling local hospitals for WLS. I went to see my GP today to find out if I was eligible to be referred for WLS, and I am. She was unsure if it would be Leeds or Bradford so I am looking to find people who have experiences at either...
  15. slimsuz

    Surgery tomorrow!

    Hey all, after 10 years of debating this surgery, I am finally having surgery tomorrow! Eeeek! Just slightly nervous! Anyone else going in for a sleeve tomorrow? Would love to hear from you! Xx
  16. slimsuz

    VSG plus Gall bladder removal

    Hi all am new here, I have my sleeve booked for the 8th November. I have recently been having gall stone attacks and am booked in to have my gall bladder removed at the same time as they do my sleeve. Has anyone else had this done together? What was your recovery like please? Thanks in...
  17. Matra

    Will my teeth ever feel clean!!!!!

    I'm 8 weeks post op (sleeve) and my teeth still feel nearly as yucky as when I was on my pre op diet. It's like a coating on the inside, at least my breath is ok! It's driving me nuts, doesn't seem to matter how long and carefully I clean them, 10 mins later they feel yuk again. Is it just...
  18. I

    Hello & help! slipped on pre-op

    Hi!! I am having my sleeve op on 5th August so I am at the end of week 1 of my pre-op diet. On wednesday night I had a little slip up and had a few drinks.... How bad do you think this will be?! I have pretty much stuck to my diet and I have already lost quite a bit of weight... Scared I'm...
  19. E

    Everyone ignores me..

    I don't know if it is because of my age or because I am in Australia and I can not find any one in Australia on this site but everyone ignores my posts. I had another user name named youngmumma and had 30 plus posts, with many views on each but no one responded to my questions. Here I go...
  20. emmalouise1989

    sleeve - 9 weeks on checkup and weight loss.

    Well I had my checkup and since op 9 weeks ago I have lost 3st 7pnds, (49pnds) I am soo happy, but cant help wonder if I should of lost more, don't get me wrong its more than I have ever lost but just wondered what other sleevers were at 9 weeks out x