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Before and so far!


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Wow, what a difference x x


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Wow you clever girl, you look great.xx


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Karen you can see it girlfriend. Very very well done xxx


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You look lovely hun, and can really notice the difference, well done with all the hard work XXX

Big an Bouncy

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You look great what a pretty girl you are!Im about same statistics as you except you are taller!And Im probably 30 years older!Maz x


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You look lovely.
I really like that last picture. It looks like you are getting confidence back and feel comfortable with the camera pointing at you.
Lynne x


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Miss hungry said:
Me at 19 stone 3lbs

Me now at 16 stone 1lb

3 stone and 2lbs down, hope you can see the difference!
Omg what a difference well done
I can't wait to join you losers

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The bobbed hair really looks lovely, you can tell you are getting smaller. well done:happy096:


no longer obese!!
DAY-AM! what a difference u look younger and gorgeous!!


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You can certainly see a difference!
You look amazing already hun, well done xXx


Congratulations you look so very pretty and you can see your weight loss & its added bonus of Making you feel good about yourself xx well done the pictures are an inspiration to me and i cant wait to be losing too xxxx