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A Chance to Start Again


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Ok, so currently I'm experiencing a 'thing'.

Has anyone else on here had a moment where you are actually mad about having surgery not because of any of the normal reasons (miss fave foods, which you could just normal amounts, etc.) but because you're mad that your body is finally going to look normal but your face is growing older? I feel so mad about it! I'm 42 and my life is half over and for the majority of my life my face was the one thing about me that I didn't mind and actually thought was attractive. Now it seems that over the last two weeks all I can see are the fine lines and wrinkles, the terrible skin texture and that damned hyperpigmentation on my forehead that looks like a smear of dirt. The irony? I've actually had people tell me that I look younger since having surgery and I'm like... wut. It's stupid, and vain, and I've never considered myself to be a vain person but maybe I'm far more concerned about my appearance than I ever thought! I find it very annoying. And it actually is making me mad AF.
I can't say I'm mad about it, but like you I always felt good from the neck up lol and now I've got a bit of a turkey neck that worries me more than anything, I think because you see your face all the time, while the rest of us is hidden away the majority of the time. I'm sure you're just doing what we always do to ourselves, finding faults, we all do it, instead of looking at the positives. I'm sure it's not as bad as you think it is x
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We'll always be our worst critics. I'm already noticing fine line previously hidden by fat. I'll take the lines over the fat any day x